• He is awful

    He is a racist, sexist bigot, and a 70 year old toddler. He is not and never will be my president. He has insulted my gender, other people's countries, and he is a horrible person, who has no idea how to run this country. He has been through several wives, and treats women like objects. He thinks he can grab any woman that he wants, and his voters stopped the girl who charged against him with DEATH THREATS! We are not putting a good man in office, and this country is going to go bad

  • Global warming is a myth!

    Reflecting on Donald's senility and lack of scientific perspective, he presents "alternative facts", or LIES instead of truth. Of course, this is consistent with the LIES he has told all his life. How can someone be trusted to appoint and oveesee the cabinet of he Free World, including an "Attorney General" who is supposed to prosecute liars and crooks?

  • Full of himself

    He has no class, and lies all the time. He's a man child. His view of America is a frightening view. America stands for freedom and hope to all, not just a select few. He wants to wall us in, due to fear. He does not represent me, or my family situation.

  • He is a lier.

    He lied to our country about most of the things he said he was gonna do, did he do them? No. That is not fair at all to the USA. I don't like him at all and I hope neither do any one of you. He is an unfair man and you have to take that in.

  • He is a idiot

    He lies his iq is low and he doesn't do anything good. I think this world would be a happier place and better off if Donald Trump was never born. In other words he should have been aborted in the beginning his parents are to blame. This world needs more love and positive people the only good that will come from him becoming president is that he is putting all the other greedy, evil and corrupt people in america in the white house so now we know who these people are and we will not let them go as far as they would like with there destruction. We have a big problem and now its being shoved in our face everyday and it SUCKS!!!

  • Not a good idea

    Why would America support 68 year old toddler DonalD Duck.He is a big fat racist toddler who wants spanish people in America to pay him money.So he is gonna make America poor and bad with what he thinks muslims are uncontrolled he thinks that muslims are dumb wich os racist

  • No, but well see

    After what he has said, many things, I seem like he is not a good president, but hopefully he actually is not as crazy as he made himself seem......Grab her by the +++++?
    Ban ALL MUSLIMS (I'm Muslim) even the ones who did nothing wrong and actually love there country?
    And much more, but like Kb said. Time will tell

  • Time will tell.

    I don't know him personally so I will wait to see how he performs as the President of the United States. I believe he will be a good, maybe even a great President so Please give him a chance to prove that the liberals, progressives, Democrats and RINOS are wrong.

  • Donald Trump was a good choice for President

    Although Donald Trump was not my first choice, he is far better than the radical, far-left media would have us believe. I Think he will make a good President. To those who say "He will never be my President": As long as you live in the United States and enjoy the freedoms you get from living here (like being free to express your opinions on this website!) he most certainly is your President.

  • No idk ?

    As kbenudiz said we don't know him yet because he is new that doesn't mean he will suck ok? Don't hate on him unless you know him personally. I do not consider myself a "Trump supporter", and he does have some flaws. Quite big ones, actually. My point is, that I honestly don't think Trump deserves all the prejudice and hate that the media is spewing at him.

  • No. Wake up.

    People have been brainwashed and infected by Stockholm syndrome by the perfectly designed machine, designed to keep them stupid. Colleges breeds stupidity. I've listened to personal stories about smart people with smart children sending their kids to college, only to get a numb imbecile back. Why? Because it works. Make people watch CNN and actually believe that when they happen to interview a smart Trump supporter that they all of a sudden have "technical difficulties".

    You've been abused, lied to and used for the benefits of the ones pretending to care about your health. That's what Trump can put an end to. Only thing YOU have to do is get up from your chair and help. Get the jobs you'll be offered in the future instead of beating people up over an election. Speaking of election, the people I am trying to reach right now did not complain about their voting system 4-8-12-16 years ago. You complain because your candidate lost. Go bake some participation medals you freak.

  • Although not perfect, I don't think that Trump sucks.

    Don't get me wrong. I do not consider myself a "Trump supporter", and he does have some flaws. Quite big ones, actually. My point is, that I honestly don't think Trump deserves all the prejudice and hate that the media is spewing at him. If he really sucks that bad, how did he even win the GOP nomination, let alone the presidency? Come on, give the man a chance. And there is really no proof at this point that he will really be a bad president. Only time will tell us.

  • Trump is good

    Hillary is worse than trump. She is just going to make the Obama rule go on for 4 more years. That isn't good. Give trump a chance. He is a businessman and maybe he can make us some money. Making a wall is good. We don't need more illegal aliens in america.

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Iacov says2017-01-13T13:26:13.370
Obviously he doesn't suck he just sits and lets the liquid fall on him