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  • TV has a negative influence

    Yes, I think that TV has a negative influence on society. TV encourages the usage of profanity, sexual content and violence and that influences everyone from young kids to older adults who see it on a daily basis. TV needs to be more careful about what they put out there for people to see.

  • Changes the paradigm

    Use of television has become so common that people have started to believe everything they see on it and are forgoing actually reading real news and academic materials. It is dumbing down our culture and turning everything into a buzzword or distractingly flashy event that takes away from the real story.

  • TV Influences Society Negatively

    Oversaturation of television and shoddy shows have a negative influence on society. In reality, Americans should reduce their hours spent in front of the television. Too many people get addicted to shows that provide no benefit to themselves other than pure entertainment. Fortunately, quality television programs are available on some stations.

  • Yes, TV has a negative influence on society.

    I believe that TV has a negative influence on society. One way is with all the violence. I believe that our society is more violent because kids have grown up watching this violence on television and think that it is nothing. Also very thin actresses give children the idea that their bodies have to be super thin in order to be beautiful.

  • TV is a Distraction from the Real Issues

    While TV was once an important method of communication, the internet has long since taken over for news and information distribution. TV is now an overused entertainment and a distraction from everything that is going on in the world. It also encourages a sedentary, isolated lifestyle which has negative health effects and reduces communication.

  • Television does not have a negativ effect on society

    There are lots of people who watch gory and violent shows on television, but it doesnt have a negative effect on them. For example, i watch many animes and I watched this one that had titans eating people. When the titans bit of their heads or something like that, it would show the blood flying everywhere. I would flinch acationally but it never gave me a negative effect. I would also watch it every few days because i didnt want to scare my brain or somethiing similar to that.

  • TV does not have a negative influence on society.

    TV does not have a negative influence on society. The fact of the matter is that TV is good for everyone whether you are relaxing or you are catching up on news. The violence that we see on television is known to be fake. I do not think that TV has a negative influence on society.

  • No, I don't think that tv has a negative influence on society

    I don't think that television has a negative effect on society at all. Society can interpret the news any way that they deem necessary and in the end socities in general is what we observe on tv. We can decide what we watch and how to interpret certain information that is presented to us.

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