Does universal health care limit profitability for doctors?

  • When government cuts costs, it is medical, not overhead, that they cut.

    Universal health care means that the government decides health care allocation and its costs. At first, it reduces how much it pays doctors, hospitals and nurses. As doctors drop out, the government then rations how much care people get. This ranges from requiring verification before surgery to minimum wait times to simply reducing the number of beds to limit supply. More government officials are selected to review the books, make sure all money is spent correctly and find more cuts - but it is never a manager's salary or secretaries, only the doctors or nurses or even cleaning staff whose wages, benefits and even jobs are cut. All of this reduces quality of care in the name of saving money.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Universal health care will limit profitability for doctors.

    Because doctors can charge uninsured client any rate but tend to negotiate a rate with insurance carriers, this has allowed them to profit from the care that is provided to the uninsured. If universal health care is adopted, all persons will be covered by an insurance company, resulting in most care having pre-negotiated rates and caps. This will limit the amount of money doctors can make.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • Future Medical Student

    I volunteered in a hospital all throughout high school in the surgery partner with a pre-acceptance to an Osteopathic Medical School. Every doctor I have worked with and every person in that field all say the same thing: "Don't become a doctor, they are going in the toilet." We spend at least 10 years in college, with tens of thousands of dollars (in my case approx. $160,000) to call themselves a doctor. Give us a break.

  • Governments need to pay money for doctors

    There are to many people with out health insurance that beg for mercy to have it. The government needs to support these in particular people and should have to help them even though some people can afford it. the government is to blame for the whole fiasco. PEOPLE COME FIRST. The government must help.

  • Yes, doctors will have a harder time overcharging their patients with universal health care.

    Because universal health care would mean everyone has the same insurance company, it would bring a lot of doctors' less-than-fair practices into light. With the mess that health care is today, the doctors can get away with charging a fortune for the smallest of acts, and tack on bills for procedures they never even did. Universal health care would bring such practices into light, and thus severely limit a doctors ability to earn more than the procedure should pay.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • Although it gives them a bigger customer base, universal health care requires cost controls that will affect doctors' incomes.

    Doctors shouldn't complain too much about universal health care, because while securing the fiscal sustainability of these programs requires limiting compensation for doctors or other measures that may affect their income, such as only covering certain procedures (to minimize over-treatment), they will obtain a larger customer base and smaller paperwork burdens. But there's no denying that doctors in the U.S. currently are paid more than doctors anywhere else, and the insurance burden imposed on businesses, largely as a consequence of that compensation, is unsustainable. Eventually some version of health care reform will need to reduce the compensation of many doctors--specialists, at least, while primary care physicians (of whom there is apparently a shortage) may need and get an increase in pay.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • Yes, I believe that universal health care will limit profitability for doctors, because of more government interference in our health system.

    Universal health care will limit profitability for doctors because of more government regulation. There will most likely be a lot more paperwork for doctors than there is today, because any time the government is involved, paperwork is required. Doctors may also have to treat more patients at a lower cost with universal health care, and while this may not be bad in all cases, it will certainly cost doctors money.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • Universal health care limits profitability for doctors and this is as it should be because profitability should not be doctors' main concern.

    Universal health care limits profitability for doctors and this is as it should be because profitability should not be doctors' main concern. The profession of doctors is to serve the sick. The principle of medical personnel is "First, do no harm" rather than first, make as much profit as you can. So doctors should not be against uninsured persons getting health care insurance. They should be happy that more sick people will get the care they deserve in this country.

    Posted by: JeffP4ri5
  • Yes it reduces the doctors profitability to certain extent

    Yes,I agree that universal health care limits profitability for doctors. Universal care is generally a place where there is no competition between the doctors and to that extent demand for the particular doctors goes down and the profitability of the doctors also goes down. As compared to any private hospitals or any other private set up, universal health care does limit the profitability for doctors.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • Universal health care would definitely limit profits by doctors, which is fine with me since the medical professions' first priorities should be health care.

    There are too many people in the medical profession concerned more about money than the health care of their patients. Universal health care would do away with the lucrative profits of doctors and at the same time would usher in a new generation of doctors and medical professionals focused on the care of patients, rather than dollar signs. Students who enrolled in medical school would obviously be there due to a high level of concern for the sick and unhealthy, and have a real ambition towards making a difference in the health of this country.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • Free universal health care is not fair to physicians, their status will decline, the career will not hold as much respect.

    If the health care system became universal, the reputation of physicians would go down the drain. They have to struggle so many years to get the education and experience they need to get to where they are and if at the end they have no respect in the eyes of the people, it is worthless. The physicians would in turn become careless if they do not get the respect and recognition or importance they feel they should be deserving of and in turn it would ruin their image even further. Having a career in the medical field is one of prestige and if the field dumbs down, their is no question that everything else won't.

    Posted by: MyHier
  • Doctors won't have incentive to go above and beyond anymore

    No matter what, it is human nature to work harder for a reward. You take away the "reward" and doctors won't have the incentive to get out of bed, on call, in the middle of the night or work longer hours to make sure all surgeries are done or patients are seen in clinic. Although they may still care for others and want to make a difference in this country, they will start to sit back and work "regular hours". Also, when patient's start acting "entitled" to healthcare, the desire to serve goes down. I can assure you if universal healthcare occurs, it will become harder and harder to find available doctors to take care of patients in our country. If they aren't rewarded, then why would they give up their own lives, children births/ graduations, family vacations, etc, just to name a few. They won't. The overall moral will go down significantly and a "needed surgery" that may have previously taken a couple days or a month to schedule, will become multiple year waiting lists. In a universal system, you must pray your child or loved one never gets cancer and needs treatment or you never need a life saving surgery because no matter what the government tells you, those won't be available to you. The loss of life is easier for the government to swallow at that point than to pay for expensive treatment/ procedures. Anyone who believes differently doesn't know anything about healthcare. I speak from experience.

  • Universal health care does not have to limit profitability for most doctors.

    Look at the Canadian system. For example, a rheumatologist there makes about twice as much as a rheumatologist in the US. Policies could be put in effect that dissect the charge master and sort out why certain procedures in the US exactly cost 10 times as much as in Europe. Procedural specialists can earn close to a million or more in certain settings while PCPs make closer to 150K. No good reason why some orthopedists or other specialists should make 10x as much as a PCP. Health care administrators also make exorbitantly more money than they would in similar settings in Europe for example. Why does a hospital administrator make more than a neurosurgeon? And what about insurance administrators? A government run system could save a lot of health care money that is currently wasted just on inflated insurance administration costs.

  • As a Doctor

    As a Doctor, I went to school ten years and did all the clinical work, fully expecting my reward to be in seeing my patients. I live in Germany where we have universal health care and have had it 150 years. Only in America would you whine about patient volume and MONEY. If your intricate system of capitalism is so profound, then surely you could figure out a healthcare model to serve you country's people. What if so many people weren't living in squalor, then perhaps more preventive healthcare and nutritious meals would help these unneeded unhealthy situations? FYI, You Doctors and Med students need to lose the God complex. Being a Doctor I a noble JOB. But you are just a well educated person, get over the hubris. Lose profitability, only in America.

  • Doctors can still charge what they want for those customers who want extras.

    Universal Health care simply means everyone is covered and if it is single payer, one entity manages the billing. The fees for a procedure might be set, but a doctor could charge more for, say options, like instant visits, or house calls, or a personal cell phone. (As much of an abomination as I think that is) In other words, the doctor could work around the system.

    NB I think that's a terrible thing, but the question, as stated is answered

  • Money to pay for things like surgeries would come from budget cuts in our nation budget, not individual doctor budgets.

    If you look in other countries with universal health care, such as France, doctors still make three digit salaries. In America, we spend around 32% of our national budget on military. Although this is not necessarily bad, the government could take money out of that section along with a few others and put the money towards universal health care. A doctors budget might go down, but they would still be getting paid appropriately for the work that they do.

  • Not inevitable

    The government could go for a policy where it doesn't pay doctors well or it could pay them even better.

    People often say if universal health care x,y, and z will happen when x,y, and z are separate policy items that may be decided either way. If voters demand loudly enough that doctors be adequately paid they will be.

  • Doctors will get more patients with universal health care.

    If universal health care is available, then a lot of people that formerly did not have insurance would be able to seek out medical care that could not currently seek out a doctor due to costs. Therefore, doctors would have more business, and hence more profitability overall in their professions.

    Posted by: SoWinif
  • Universal health care does not limit profitability for doctors.

    Universal health care is an important facility provided by the government for all its citizens. A doctor's profession is should focus on its service to human-kind more than just making profits. A person can choose to avail the universal health care option or go to a private doctor for the same treatment; therefore doctor's profitability will not be limited by universal healthcare.

    Posted by: A Richardson
  • Doctors limit doctors profitability

    An option for healthcare delivery does not equate to a decrease in profitability for doctors. Universal healthcare means an option for more patients, but it does not impose compulsory patronage of the doctors. Furthermore, the entitlement for high wages negates the argument of entitlement for health care. The diploma does not practice. A human being does. If you cannot earn, then it is not the shortcoming of the diploma, or the existence of an alternative for healthcare delivery; It is the failure of an individual's ability and work ethic...Which shouldn't even be a consideration when discussing doctors.

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