Does volunteer work take away from job opportunities?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • So much volunteer work could instead be a public works project and bring people out of unemployment

    Seeing eye dog trainers often actually lose money paying to take care of the dog rather than earn it, there's also soup kitchens, work on highways.

    And yet we have so many unemployed people who would love to do these things for money if given the chance. So why not have the government pay these people money for these services?

    We could even get rid of welfare for non-disabled people and say "you want money, do work, it's easy to get here's a list of organizations that need people."

    For many organizations it may be unfeasible for them to pay you and then the government could still pay the person but they'd be doing something to earn the money. It would also give people who can't find work and don't qualify for welfare now a chance to do something and make money. So replacing volunteer work with government-paid work could be good from both a liberal and conservative perspective.

  • Was a job now a volunteer position

    When I was working as a physiotherapist in a large private hospital 12 years ago I first noticed that the publicly listed company who purchased the hospital had moved many of their cleaner duties over to the volunteer s role and subsequently the cleaning staff were reduced and the 'happy to be doing something for the hospital' volunteer positions increased. These volunteers were generally ignorant about the fact that their actions put someone out of a paid job with the savings going to the owners NOT THE COMMUNITY. This is now a prevalent situation in the Australian working lamdscape with volunteer positions basically being used as slave labour for big business and creating more jobless numbers who are subsequently forced to also become volunteers to receive their meagre poverty payments from centrelink. This is disgusting THIS IS SLAVERY NO QUESTION

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