• Yes, good leaders can improve the world.

    Yes, voting matters, because sometimes elections are very close. Making sure good candidates take office is very important, because corrupt leaders can create large problems, and destroy economies. A good leader is critical to the function of society. Citizens should take this responsibility seriously, and make sure to vote after researching candidates.

  • Voting gives people a voice

    I think voting matters to a certain extent however what matters more is there voting options. I think if voting were to stop there would be a huge uproar so I do not think I would say that it does not matter, it might not be as effective all the time as we would like it to be but nonetheless it matters.

  • Electoral college, so no.

    Vote for the state level not federal. We are a collection of states not people. We control who the leaders of our state is and they with the others control who leads our country. Your vote isn't point less it's your voice and it's can show what the people have said, and it can help other parties and candidates get more funding in the future.
    It's just not going to change who gets in the white house.
    Just don't worry about what people say really. Voting is a right not a responsibility, it's not your duty to go out and vote.

  • Powerless against the powerful

    Listen, we have no influence over who runs the world. The democratic system is a façade. The interests of the powerful are always adhered to regardless of your vote. No matter who you elect ultimately you are not the one who decides the leaders of this society. You merely elect puppets of the system.

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