• If it does select Yes, if not don't vote.

    I'n trying to figure out what impact voting has on opinions. Some say that voting is pointless and don't bother. They actually discourage others from voting and in a way they fulfill their own prophecy. If more people start believing that voting is important we should see a decline in the percentage of people who say no. I say we need to hear from both sides about this.

  • Educate yourself for our nation

    If you do not decide to vote you feel it hurts no one, but you are wrong, it hurts our nation. It is proven that there are more non voters than voters. If you are one of those non voters it is easier to educate yourself on the candidates than to not do anything at all and have a bad president.

  • Voting Matters To Me

    Voting matters to me because although I can not vote right now, when I am able to vote I will. I feel like I have been given that right for my voice to be heard, even if what I am voting on doesn't go my way at least I have peace of mind to say I voted for or against to exercise my right and my voice was heard

  • All Votes Count

    If a person were to not vote he/ she is making a difference just like they are if they do vote. If it is a tie only one vote could change the whole thing. I think voting makes a difference it could change a lot of things if many people who normally do not vote, vote.

  • Your vote matters!

    All elections start with one person. That one person grows into ten people and ten people grows into one hundred, two hundred people voting for the same thing, and so on. If all people who were for one thing got together, they could bring down (or up) what they think is best for them.

  • Yes a vote counts

    One vote may seem like it is not much just because one is a small number. But when you put many people in one place it makes a bigger number together. Imagine if one person would vote for you and that person tells other people why they should vote for you. What if all the friends of that person told them to vote for you for what ever reason it is the word would just be spreading and you will have more votes. So one vote put together with the other votes that were chosen for a person can make a lot of them and just by your you just helped.

  • Every vote makes a difference

    Voting gives everyone a equal opportunity to voice opinion and have a say in who represents us. If everyone becomes a bystander and just thinks there vote won't matter those group of people will grow larger than the group actually voting and that will effect our vote! The government is supposed to be by the people, let's vote and have the government for the people.

  • Our Vote Might Make a Difference

    Yes, maybe nobody actually proves to us that EVERY single vote is counted, but at least we know that if we vote we are trying to make a difference. Voting gives us the opportunity for our voices to be heard. Voting gives us the opportunity to choose the best candidate for president. After all, voting gives us an opportunity for our opinions to be heard and for us to chose the right people and laws.

  • It might make a difference

    Yes, maybe nobody gives us a prove that EVERY single vote is counted, but at least we know that we are trying to make a difference. If we think about it, voting is better than not being able to have an opinion. If we vote, we might show that this country matters to us and we are trying to make changes for the better. If we would not vote,then it would just show that we don't care. Voting helps us, as citizens to choose the right candidate for the presidency and not just a person that wants to make bad choices and be a dictator. In conclusion, maybe voting does make a difference because at least we get the chance to vote for the "right" person and the "right" laws.

  • It makes a difference!!!

    If you feels strongly about something to vote for even if it seems like an impossible feat make your vote count and you might be that deciding factor that helps your cause to win. Your vote makes a larger difference than you may think it does so cast it while you can!

  • It's all a show.

    When it comes to voting, it can be bias and we do not if they do really count every vote. We are not sure if they bribe the people so they can vote in there favor. Also, an example when bias is part of the voting system is when Obama was running for office. The majority of the voters were African-Americans. This is because of his skin color.

  • A lot of Votes are not real votes.

    One of the biggest issues in America today are people vote for just whoever has a "D" or "R" next to their name. They don't actually research the candidates and see who would be best, they just vote for the party they have been brainwashed to vote for. A second issue is people will just vote for whatever name they know, that's why people have yard signs. Finally many people will vote just for who their parents or spouse tells them too, or even teachers or such. The voting system can be corrupt in many ways and therefore proves nothing. Many Americans don't vote cause they realize this.

  • "If voting did anything, it would be illegal."

    I guess it depends on what type of election you're voting in, or what you consider "proving." Voting for the President of the United States is choosing between two rich shills who bombard you with ads they spent billions on--billions that come from their corporate handlers, to whom the President is beholden to once elected. It's more than just voter apathy, the choices we have actually suck. We get to choose between a few people out of a set that was already chosen for us, and they all suck.

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