• If it does select Yes, if not don't vote.

    I'n trying to figure out what impact voting has on opinions. Some say that voting is pointless and don't bother. They actually discourage others from voting and in a way they fulfill their own prophecy. If more people start believing that voting is important we should see a decline in the percentage of people who say no. I say we need to hear from both sides about this.

  • A single vote does matter.

    While everyone knows a small situation like where to go for the weekend a single vote matters everyone believes that. The same could be said for the presidential election with all the people who believe their single vote doesn't count it really does imagine what would happen if everyone who believed that their vote didn't matter all vote for the same person there could be a huge change in the election. That how a single vote from one person could change everything.

  • Does My vote Count?

    Yes, everyones vote counts. Some people have complained since 2000 that if the winner of the popular vote doesn't become president, their vote doesn't really count, so why vote at all? But every vote does count, it just counts in a complicated way. When you vote for president, remember that you're voting in a state election, not a national election. Your vote counts just as much as anyone else's in your state, but it may count more or less than that of someone living in another state.

  • Does my vote matter?

    Every vote counts, but not always directly, as America like most countries) is not a Pure Direct Democracy.The popular vote matters in Presidential elections, even if it doesn't elect a president, it influences the electors. In state and local elections your vote can matter even more. I feel as it does also because your n american and as a american you should want to get an opinon on who you want as your leader i mean they wouldent be doing so if uit didnt count you know that juat dosent make since to me. Because who ever becomes your leader and you didnt get upset dont be upset because you didnt put your 2 sence into the voting only can be mad at yourself.

  • Voting really does matter

    Voting does matter because voting is essentially like your voice. Your voice is to be heard and the best way of it being heard is by voting in my opinion. Honestly one vote can make a difference and if we all voted our country would succeed more than ever. I encourage all of you to vote because it really does make a difference and if we unite we can accomplish anything.

  • Every Vote Counts

    I believe every vote counts because let's say you had 99 cents and you found a dollar, it would make a difference of 99 cents to a dollar. Just like in the political cartoon about the weight of people not voting diverts from the weight of people voting. Most people who don't vote tend not to because they think that their one vote won't make a difference but in the end the number of people not voting adds up.

  • Votes do count.

    Yes, it is important that everyone votes that way it is a way for everyone express how they feel and we the united states can get an accurate vote. As to how many people feel and why they feel they are voting for that party. These votes can create a difference in our society. As for if you don't vote its not going to make a difference and you will be living in it. It could go good or bad.

  • Yes your vote counts

    It is important to vote when the elections come. Everyone's vote counts and makes a difference. It is a way for the people to show their opinion and their voice on a issue. Voting gives us a chance to change things and i think we should use that to our advantage. Their vote can help create change for the future generations.

  • It does count

    Voting allows us as citizens have a say in whats going on in the world and who we want to handle it all. We get to pick and chose who will represent us as one. We get to understand politics and economics. Voting does count overall it is our future.

  • It's worth it.

    Every vote matters more than you realize. If you withhold your vote, you convey the message that your vote doesn’t matter. That point of view may seem real, and based on how it’s going in today’s world, it’s tempting to become indifferent to the process. I would not argue that the process is without serious problems. Nevertheless, by not participating, you give up your right to have a say in the matter. Voting is not a ballot box for homecoming queen and the most popular girl in school getting the crown, voting for a political leader decides the fate of our country for the next four years or more. If you don’t check that box in the booth don’t complain about the government’s choices if you, yourself neglected to participate. It’s worth it to have a say.

  • Voting is not that important.

    I do not think voting makes much of a difference. It is limited to a citizens only. Not everyone has a voice in the election. For example people seeking refuge in US do not get a chance to change the problems that affect them. Really the people who should vote because they know the real problems surround them can't.

  • Electoral College Ruins It

    Electoral college is the deciding votes for an election. Only a couple states have laws forcing those representatives to vote towards their state's choice. California does have this law so it is somewhat important I vote. But in the end representatives practically have the final say on who becomes elected.

  • Voting doesn't prove anything.

    I don't think I'll vote when I'm able to because I'm not into politics. I think a lot of voting can cause issues and conflict in relationships and family mainly. Just because you don't vote doesn't mean your bad or ignorant. When you vote it doesn't make you better than everyone else, it's just a choice.

  • Nah, but you can...

    I think that part of being an American is being able to vote. When you turn 18 it is cool to be able to do something you couldn't before. That being said our society is very manipulative when it comes to voting. Each news station broadcasts something different making the opposing side look worse. In the end it is electoral votes that matter. Over all vote.. Why not? Just to say you did. But, really it does not matter.

  • Does your vote count

    In and only in America, the popular vote has no use but to act as a dream for when the person we wanted to win, loses. Your vote doesn’t matter, you can’t sugar coat that without any confusion but that’s it, your influence on your own nation is only viable through political or financial purposes. Basically if you can’t help influence your electoral college with political experience or money then you don’t matter whatsoever to the overall election.

  • Voting proves nothing

    I feel like when it comes to voting, not every single person's individual vote is counted, it's just a show for them to put on to make us think we have control over what's going on in our country. Especially, where a lot of people are voting, a single vote isn't going to count, if it was a smaller group of people a single vote would count but in this situation I don't think voting proves anything.

  • Voting is all about perception.

    Voting proves that the general population has the same views as someone else about their country, but it could also be seen as the general population being manipulated easily by one or a handful of people. Voting can prove how dumb a nation is or how smart we think we are, eventually those two things can cross paths creating a whole spur of problems therefor making voting almost useful and at the same time useless. We vote for someone to solve most of our nation’s problems so we as individuals won’t have to but then in doing that it creates problems because trying to solve a problem might have to be executed by creating another problem and then eventually you’re so lost in problems birthed from other problems that we then forget about the main big problem that sparked the rest, which is just like undoing a tangled string but at the same time you are undoing it, you’re also tangling it because you aren’t paying attention to the direction the string was going in the first place. Now the question, “does my vote count?” simply in and only in America, the popular vote has no use but to act as a dream for when the person we wanted to win, loses. Your vote doesn’t matter, you can’t sugar coat that without any confusion but that’s it, your influence on your own nation is only viable through political or financial purposes. Basically if you can’t help influence your electoral college with political experience or money then you don’t matter whatsoever to the overall election.

  • I say no.

    I don't think my vote counts. Haven't voted my entire life and I've been fine. Speaking personally, I would choose not to participate because I simply like others to do the work. Maybe someday when a candidate is worth the effort to vote. Does it prove anything? To some people it may be "making a difference", to other people like it doesn't really matter and realistically i don't know because I have never voted. (:

  • A single vote does not matter

    It all comes down to the decision of the electoral college and peoples votes do not matter very much. The media can make the results of the election by the peoples votes say what ever they want it to say. One vote that a voter put in cannot possibly shift the entire outcome of the election

  • A single vote doesn't matter.

    I really don't believe that a single vote matters at all. A vote may matter in small situations like voting on where to go eat, but compared to a presidential election it doesn't really matter. I say this because many others are already going to be voting for what you would choose. With that being said, how is a single vote added to an already large number of votes really affect anything.

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e.x3 says2017-02-06T06:02:00.510
I believe that voting does prove anything. Many people would like to argue that a single vote would not make a difference whether it is for propositions or the next president. However, if everyone thought that their vote did not count, and they decided not to vote because it would not matter, then there would be no change. So yes, your vote does count because every vote has the potential to make a difference.