• If it does select Yes, if not don't vote.

    I'n trying to figure out what impact voting has on opinions. Some say that voting is pointless and don't bother. They actually discourage others from voting and in a way they fulfill their own prophecy. If more people start believing that voting is important we should see a decline in the percentage of people who say no. I say we need to hear from both sides about this.

  • Voting is good

    Voting gives an idea of what the public wants or your class mates etc. the host can figure out from the majority that this is a superior vote and is wanted by a greater sum of people which can help in the making of decisions especially important ones, If you disagree its your opinion I can't force you to anything.

  • A lot of Votes are not real votes.

    One of the biggest issues in America today are people vote for just whoever has a "D" or "R" next to their name. They don't actually research the candidates and see who would be best, they just vote for the party they have been brainwashed to vote for. A second issue is people will just vote for whatever name they know, that's why people have yard signs. Finally many people will vote just for who their parents or spouse tells them too, or even teachers or such. The voting system can be corrupt in many ways and therefore proves nothing. Many Americans don't vote cause they realize this.

  • "If voting did anything, it would be illegal."

    I guess it depends on what type of election you're voting in, or what you consider "proving." Voting for the President of the United States is choosing between two rich shills who bombard you with ads they spent billions on--billions that come from their corporate handlers, to whom the President is beholden to once elected. It's more than just voter apathy, the choices we have actually suck. We get to choose between a few people out of a set that was already chosen for us, and they all suck.

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