Does white favoritism exist in America and many northern Euro countries?

Asked by: Adam2
  • I agree .

    I posted the White privilege comment, The only reason why I coined it white privilege is because America and other northern and European countries are starting to out grow racism and technical racism with each new generation. With this new element factored in I feel that favoritism falls under the partiality of technical racism.

  • Discrimination and persecution

    I definitely believe white favoritism is still a big problem in America and many Northern European countries. Imperialism isn't even the whole story. Go to Denmark or Scotland or the USA, and try to apply for a job if you're not white. Even if you have the credentials, they'll hire a white person before a black, Hispanic, or in some cases, even one of the historically ethnic groups.

  • Of course it exists.

    One only needs to look at statistical data to know this for sure. The statistical most common criminal is a 25-year old white male in the United States yet no one fears 25-year old white males ever, but so many people would fear a black man of the same age. Stereotypes about the criminality of ethnic groups are widespread, but there are no incriminating stereotypes of white people. I'm not saying there should be, but I'm saying that this gives rise to favoritism easily.

  • No, that's not true

    I'm not racist, to start even though many of you will say that I am merely due to the fact that I disagree.
    *Racism isn't a problem. I have had blacks hired before me and I'm white. It just depends on who you are. Some people will be racist but most aren't.
    *I am annoyed with the use of racism (not here but in other places). If a white executive employee is kicked out of a job for not being good, it will be deemed fair. However, if the same occurs to a black executive, the person who fired them will be called racist. Why? Because now (not all the time) blacks use their race to get their way. I've had it happen to me before and I despise it. Just because I go against a black doesn't mean I'm racist. I don't care if you are white, black, green, orange, yellow, or purple, if you say something I don't agree with that is worth arguing, I'm gonna argue. There is no reason to call me racist for it. Overall, I say that racism isn't a problem.
    *Finally, I don't fear black males. If you are a person I don't know, I'm gonna at least be cautious of you until I know you. Go back up to my color selection above and the same is the same here. Until I know you, I'm always gonna be cautious.

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