• Fighting injustice with information

    In this world of injustice, only information has the power to move people and to motivate them towards better action. Through Wikileaks, many eyes have been open and the government fighting them most probably only supports the thesis that it is something important. Assange is like the Spiderman of today's society. He also gets accused for being the bad guy. We can only hope he'll never give up.

  • WikiLeaks is freedom of speech at its best

    WikiLeaks is a valuable resource for many, just for its content but because of what it stands for. WikiLeaks is a symbol of freedom of speech and information-sharing. WikiLeaks is helping more people than it is hurting, and trying to suppress it will only make it stronger in the long run.

  • WikiLeaks lacks factual accountability and promotes spreading of unverified information

    In an era of illegal downloads and media gossip, a site like WikiLeaks only serves to embrace this mindset and encourage people to seek out media entertainment and information before it is meant to be available to the public. There is rarely consideration as to whether the information is accurate, or how it will impact the producers and stars of the media.

  • It is better to know than to not

    The documents wikileaks releases help shed light on invasive and detrimental activities, I know that a lot of the documents that are released have a lot of backlash but ultimately people are better knowing what is happening because the documents expose secretive activities that tend to be illicit by international standards. Most of the documents released help the people realize that governments are overreaching their powers, this is important because if large and powerful governments continue conducting backdoor activities behind the backs of their constituents the people will lose power and the country will continue down a path leading to totalitarianism. Yes it is kind of ironic that these documents detailing illegal activities are obtained illegally in most cases but to that I respond that it is the right of the people to know and if any government is doing anything there people don't know then it is the right of those people to find out.

  • Secrets are needed

    People say that governments shouldent hold secrets, so how would you like it if everyone in the world knew where you lived? Or what your credit card details where? What if pedophiles were notified of where your children went for school, or how about everyone in the world is given keys to your home and car. Wake up people, not eveyrthing can be known by everyone, and personally I think Julian Assange should be executed for treason and causing the deaths of untold amounts of soldiers and civilians becaues of the information that he reveals to the world.

  • Wikileaks is too extreme

    I believe in the freedom of information and that the government needs more transparency. However, i cannot support Wikileaks bending laws changing rules so they can get to a governments "dirty laundry". While I think this should be available to the public, there must be a better way. And, as always, there is some information that just will not be shared, and we as the public need to accept that. Lets find a better way to spread this information, and everyone will benefit.

  • Freedom of Information

    WikiLeaks exists to spread information. More information is, in general, a good thing. Some of it is unverified and may turn out to be false, but that only means that the information must be used responsibly, which is always the case with any sort of information. Suppressing it because it may be inaccurate or someone may use it irresponsibly is replacing one problem with a larger one.

  • WikiLeaks More Positive than Negative

    Without a doubt, WikiLeaks is more of a positive force than a negative one. The organization's information leaks keep the American government somewhat transparent and accountable for its actions. Very few organizations have had such an impact, good or bad, but WikiLeaks shouldn't be considered some evil force against the U.S.

  • There is a better way of going about this. I would like to see Wikileaks led by someone rational and not prone to impulsive decisions.

    Wikileaks is a good way of exposing the dirty laundry that the US government has used for decades. It tries to act like some global policeman and bends rules and stuff as it pleases. I have always supported transparency in anything that affects the world. It is time that we are aware of the wrong doings that they have perpetrated. I am not supporting a US intelligence analyst from leaking sensitive date though. I do believe that he deserves his time in prison for espionage but there is a need for more transparency in the way the US handles global affairs.

  • No WikiLeaks does not bring more harm than good

    The only reason people are demonizing it, is because those in high places are threatened by the fact that their dirty deeds were able to be seen by all. They couldn't get away with them anymore. As such they had to silence it to keep the lid on. So I think WikiLeaks does a great deal more good than harm, because it exposes the politicians for what they are, liars, frauds and cheats, something EVERYONE needs to know and understand.

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