• Yes, according to environmentalists wind power kills too many birds

    Yes, according to environmentalists wind power kills too many birds. The birds get caught in the windmills and wind turbines and they are killed. Wind power device manufacturers need to find a way to make their devices safer for birds. There are ways to make this technology safer for birds and the environment.

  • Wind Power Safe and Bird Friendly

    Wind power does not kill too many birds. Wind power companies have taken many precautions to ensure that this renewable resource is eco-friendly and safe for the wildlife that inhabits the land where windmills are built. Deterrents, such has shiny tinsel, are placed around the wind farms to prevent the death of wayward birds. Although it is unfortunate, the birds that do wander into the windmills are minimal. The benefits to power generated by wind farms if far greater to the hundreds of thousands for homes that receive this inexpensive form of energy.

  • I do not feel that wind power kills to many birds.

    Since I have not seen any credible statistics on the specific number of birds killed by wind power, I cannot agree that this viable source of clean energy kills too many of them. There are credible statistics showing that oil spills and pollution kill many birds and other animals. If it is proven that this source of energy kills a significant number of birds then steps need to be taken to reduce the number.

  • No, wind power does not kill too many birds.

    Wind power does not kill that many birds when it comes to the amount of good it does for energy production and the environment. Wind energy is clean, renewable and affordable. These are important benefits to energy consumers that are increasingly concerned about climate change. Consumers can purchase clean and affordable energy instead of traditional non-renewable energy. In short, the benefits must be weighed with the costs when deciding if wind power kills to many birds; which many would agree that not that many birds are actually killed by it.

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