Don King Drops N-Word at Trump Rally in a Church: Will this help Trump's campaign for Presidency?

  • Yes, this'll help Trump's campaign for Presidency.

    Don King, the notorious boxing marketer, put in a good word for the nominee. King recommended Trump, at an almost exclusively black house of worship the other day. In his attempt to give a boost to Trump’s reputation with blacks, King supplied his ideas with regards to the reason why a Trump political administration may very well be beneficial.

  • No, this hurts Trumps image

    This hurts Donald Trump's image as a president. Since the first day Trump claimed the Republican nomination for president the main stream media has tried their hardest to label him a racist, with many people believing it. This adds a bit off justification to the media's claim, at least that some of his supporters may be.

  • No, it will not.

    The N-word is very controversial and the fact that it was said at a Trump ralley is not going to win him the kind of fans that will get him elected. And yes, the presidential race is all about winning fans, so his popularity is what matters here, and this is not a good sign.

  • No, using that type of language will never help.

    Don King didn't do anything to help Trump's bid for president. King's entire spiel made little sense, and if anything, it was demeaning to the African American community. Trump and the guys sitting behind King probably alienated black voters by laughing it up at King's remarks. I'd say the whole thing was an epic fail.

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