Donald Trump called for the Chicago police to be tougher in order to stop the violence. Is Trump making dangerous statements?

  • Yes, this is yet another example of how Trump incites further violence.

    Trump's answer to escalating problems in Chicago is for the police to act tougher. This is likely to escalate the violence rather than stop it. What he should be doing is encouraging the authorities to look into the reasons behind the violence and be coming up with policies that would bring about a peaceful resolution.

  • He doesn't understand the problem

    At the core of the violence around the country is the war on drugs. If Trump would actually speak to this issue as a way of deescalating the tension between police and citizens, I would respect him. Instead, he's going for more of the "tough on crime" approach that has led us to this point in the first place.

  • No, Trump is blunt but speaks the truth.

    No, despite Trump's abrasive language, he raises a valid point based on actual crime statistics. Obama has consistently sided with victims of police brutality and repeatedly pointed the finger at law enforcement. This has resulted in a forced kind of police laxness to avoid getting hung out to dry. As a result, crime has risen and the murder rate in Chicago in particular has spiked considerably, especially among the black demographic. What Trump is heavy-handedly saying is that law enforcement must go back to aggressively policing to bring down crime. The key is of course to do so without racial profiling and harassment, but it is clear the current path is not working.

  • No, this is not a dangerous statement.

    Donald Trump is not making a dangerous statement by calling for the Chicago police to get tougher on violence. Chicago has had an epidemic of violence; killing thousands over the last few years. Therefore, the Chicago police department needs a better strategy to combat this violence. Trump is merely offering an opinion; just like others may have different opinions. Giving a simple suggestion is not the same thing as making a dangerous statement.

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