Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a bigot. Does this kind of name calling hurt the political discussion?

  • Yes, it does.

    Donald Trump's name calling does not add any depth or information to the discussion. All he has done is try to emotionally hurt someone and get a reaction. Instead of name calling, Donald Trump could have provided examples of how Hillary Clinton has been racist or acted like a "bigot" in the past.

  • There is no political discussion to speak of this election cycle

    Trump's rhetoric this entire election has been disruptful of the actual discussion of political differences. He calls his opponents' names and mocks them until the voters turn on them. It's quite interesting to watch, but it ruins whatever small amount of civility we had left after the contentious Bush and Obama elections. Now what passes for discussion is done via half-true talking points and dank memes on social media. That's no way to elect a president.

  • Politicians should show themselves a qualified one by using appropriate language during the political discussions.

    Politicians are the voices of the people. If a politician uses name calling to their opposition personnel, it doesn't justify the voices of the people but rather their own personal agenda. A good politician supported by the people respects the opposition as it is how people wishes are justified and taken care of. Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton a bigot not only hurts the opposition feelings, it hurts the whole political environment and the discussions. Every political discussion should take place in an appropriate manner where the opposition personnel should talk and argue within the line of respect towards each other even if their whole agenda differs.

  • Name calling hurts political discourse

    Politics has always included some name calling, but this political season has been rife with insult, due to Donald Trump. He has cultivated loyal supporters who love to hear him insult anyone who isn't a white male and Trump gets free media coverage for every outrageous word he utters. The country desperately needs a discussion of the real issues plaguing America, instead of a crude free-for-all.

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