Donald Trump calls for political test in order to enter the country: Is this effective immigration policy?

  • Yes, this is effective immigration policy.

    Republican nominee Donald Trump has recommended verification of the political affiliations of immigrants. Just about anyone discovered to carry hostile plans for the US, or who are convinced that Sharia law code ought to supplant United States legal requirements, ought not to be accepted as immigrants, on the grounds that they’ll be harmful to the US.

  • Administering a political test for immigrants is impractical.

    Enforcing the policy that all immigrants need to pass a political test in order to enter the country is impractical. Several current native born residents of the United States do not possess basic political knowledge, therefore forcing immigrants who may not be familiar with the native language or political system is unfair.

  • Political Test seems Ineffective for Immigration Policy

    Most of the questions on the political test would be nearly impossible for native citizens to answer, let alone an immigrant. I certainly don't feel that these kinds of tests are necessary for immigration. We should focus more on what immigrants can bring to the United States that can help us. Many immigrants possess skills that could be useful, and it seems crazy to pass them up over a political test.

  • No, it is not.

    New citizens have to to take a citizenship test, but no one has to take a picture political test.'if people have to take a political test than this country is no longer a democracy. People are free to follow whatever political system and have whatever political beliefs that they choose.

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