Donald Trump has been called a "fascist". Do you think that is accurate?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • He displays some tenets

    Donald Trump has displayed some of the key characteristics of fascism, the main ones being identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause, powerful nationalism and disdain for individual rights. Whether or not he is a pure fascist I cannot answer, but I cannot deny he has displayed some fascist tenets.

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  • No, he's not a fascist.

    Although I don't support Trump because of some of his non-conservative ideas, I fail to see how he believes in a system of government where absolute power is given to the government and it's leader, in which the people have little to no democratic power. One could argue that he's more of a socialist on the economy and trade, but that's beside the point.

  • His rise may be alarming, but he is hardly Hitler

    Comparing Trump to Hitler, Mussolini, or any other fascist is beyond absurd. While he does share the same nationalistic tendencies of fascists, he nevertheless exhibits various disparities with the typical fascist ideology. Most notably, he does not support the establishment of a single-party state, the very foundation of fascist belief. He also hardly wishes genocide upon other races, nor does he attempt to conquer other countries.

  • Wan't to make thing better.

    There is nothing wrong with protecting our borders from cartels and terrorists. The cartels not only cross our borders with illegal drugs but also profit from human trafficking. A stronger border defense would not only help reduce the their risk but also help stop terrorists.
    He also wants to put a quick end to the war with ISIS instead of just trying to keep it going. Sure, being soft on them makes us look like nice guys but the terrorist would just look at it as weakness.

    From what I have seen, Hillary just wants to stay the course and pick up were Obama left off. Look at the racial division Obama has caused. We were a country so open to other races that we elected a black president yet today we have race riots happening across the country. Clearly, he has no only made things worse but just continued what seems to be a never ending war.
    If we have racial issues with a black president, will we have gender issues with a woman president? Sorry but he being female may cause issues with dealing with foreign nations as some don't see women as not worthy. I can just imagine if Hillary was to call one of these world leaders and they ask her to put her husband on the phone.

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Gareth_BM says2016-09-20T14:31:11.650
Its a bit of an exaggeration but he isn't that far off.