Donald Trump is going all in on banning abortion: Is Donald Trump pandering to the conservative right?

  • Agree, Trump wants to limit Women's Rights

    Yes, Donald trump is pandering to the conservative voters by saying he will ban abortion. He is trying to gain more support by focusing on a voter population that tends to be more religious and have unfavorable views on a woman's right to choose. He is not focusing on what problems banning abortions would cause. By not allowing women with unplanned or unwanted pregnancies access to a safe medical procedure, he will cause some to resort to dangerous methods. He also is not factoring in the life that the unwanted or physically limited child will have if the mother is forced to carry to term.

  • Yes, Donald Trump is pandering--again!

    Yes, Donald Trump is pandering to the conservative right by going all in on banning abortion. He tends to pander to different groups every day. It is also likely that his all-in stance is just part of standard operating procedure for him. He also tends to be extreme in everything he does, going all in on each issue.

  • Yes, he is.

    Donald Trump will say whatever he thinks will get him elected or boost his ratings, whichever one he is trying to do, even if it means that he goes against something that he said a few hours ago. He has no sense of honor, truth, or loyalty, and is just a shyster.

  • Yes, thats what they always wanted.

    Donald Trump going all in on banning abortion is definitely a move that will accommodate conservative right.Over a long period, Conservatives have been fighting to see a total ban on abortion in vain, and the sentiments by Trump is a sigh of new relief. However, this will come to fruition only if Trump becomes the president.

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