Donald Trump joked about deporting Hillary Clinton. Do his comments hurt the political discourse?

  • It is assanine

    Donald Trump has diarrhea of the mouth. He will say anything without a conscience. He has changed the political process to a school yard bully fest. He doesn't care how he obliterates his opponent or whether they are women, he has absolutely no gentlemanly respect. It is pathetic. One good thing though is that his money can't buy the presidency.

  • Donald Trumps Jokes Distract From Important Political Discourse

    The jokes about deporting Hilary Clinton are a huge distraction from the important political discourse in this country. Trumps jokes are for sensation only. They cause a rise in the public response, and then quickly fizzle out without further explaining his party's platform. I believe he'd have a much better shot at taking the election if used his time and his considerable access to the media, to espouse real solutions to the varied and complex issues we're facing in this country.

  • Yes, Donald Trump frequently hurts his political discourse with his lame jokes.

    The political climate of our country is not a joking matter, and it is disheartening to see Mr. Trump making jokes over and over. It detracts from the serious nature of the problems our nation faces and how important his position on making thing better is. It's hard to take him seriously about anything he says due to such tasteless and tactless jokes.

  • Yes, they do.

    Trump is a joke of a politician. He's like the kid in highschool who ran for class president based on the idea that they thing school council is a joke. Except that he might be serious and if we're not careful he could end up running the United States of America.

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