• Trump is an outsider

    Look, the case can be made that Donald Trump doesn't have political experience. That's true. But looking at it, that isn't a bad thing considering how both republican and democrat establishment insiders like Hillary Clinton have run the country for years. We are living in a time where the common people are more divided then ever thanks to the democratic gameplan (divide based on differences and conquer). Hillary has a HUGE part to play in the creation of ISIS and she is even threatening to go to war with Russia. Such an act could trigger WW3. Trump on the other hand wants Putin as an ally. At the end of the day, I think it would be A HELL OF ALOT MORE intelligent to team with russia and maintain good relations as opposed to fighting them.

  • I hate them both

    Even though I hate both of them, Hillary is the lesser of two evils. Trump is a bigoted man and does not deserve to be running for president, let alone to be elected. He will drive America into the ground, just like what he has done with all of his businesses.

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