Donald Trump sells out Trickle Down Economics: Will Trump say anything to win the November election?

  • Yes, Trump will say whatever he thinks will work.

    Trump doesn't know enough about running a country to have his own thoughts. He's saying what he thinks will get him votes, whether or not what he says makes sense or is good for the country. He is preying on the emotions of people who are frustrated with the way things are going.

  • No, Trump will not say anything to win.

    No, Trump will not say anything to win the election. There are several areas where Trump might conceivably gain favor by praising, but will not go. For example, Trump might gain from embracing the feminist movement or supporting Black Lives Matter, but he certainly won't. Politicians today know the dangers of flip-flopping, making it difficult to reverse earlier positions. Trump will stay the course.

  • No, his statements are based on his world view.

    Donald Trump will not just say anything in order to win the election. He has continued to touch upon his consistent themes throughout the election. Some of these themes include his strengths of immigration and economics. Most Americans believe that, while his language can be inflammatory, Donald Trump is capable of solving America's financial problems.

  • It's highly unlikely.

    Donald Trump's campaign should be called the "how not to get elected" campaign. He's man that puts one foot in his mouth and follows up by putting the other one in for dessert. It's highly unlikely that Americans will warm up to him at this point. I think we have a clear picture of who he is now.

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