Donald Trump took George Soros’ money despite political differences. Does Trump have any core values?

  • His core values are Donald Trump

    Yes, he has some core values. They may not be what most people would consider a moral compass, but he's not shy about the fact that he's always been able to "work the system" to his advantage. He's even proud of it, so his core values are narcissism, wealth seeking and self-advancement.

  • I agree that Donald Trump has no color values when accepting donations to his campaign.

    Donald Trump accepting George Soro's money despite political differences is a perfect example of Trump's lack of character, integrity and what his real intentions are. Donald Trump's number one goal is to win the Presidential election in November by whatever means possible. And he has proven time and time again that those means are lying, generating panic and fear, attacking whoever apposes him or his ideas, threats and fueling conspiracy theories.

  • No, Trump does not have any core values.

    Donald Trump keeps showing time and time again that he does not think beyond the realm of his own needs and desires. The fact that anyone considers him a viable solution to the working class is very upsetting, as he looks down on those who do not have a lot of money.

  • Yes, rotten ones.

    Well, the fact that Soros is a "new world order" guy and a general supporter of unholiness answers the question. If Trump takes money from him and pals around with him, then he supports the same things that Soros does whether he says it or not. Everyone has core values, but some of them are rotten.

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