Donald Ţrump (vote yes) or Hillary Clinton (vote no) for president

Asked by: ZTCM
  • Don't even get me started......

    Just for the record i don't like Trump or Clinton, but i think Trump would make a better president. First off Hillary violated U.S national security when using her personal email server, leaking thousands of secret U.S documents. This is a careless and idiotic mistake that would be crippling if it would happen again during the presidency, especially with more secretive information. She is also lazy and inefficient, not passing one piece of landmark legislation during her time as a senator. She also lied and left 4 Americans dead in the Benghazi Terror attacks on her watch, not to mention her supervisors have described her being unethical and dishonest. At least Trump has a better chance at paying off most of our national dept.
    So if you want a careless, lazy, inefficient, unethical, dishonest and idiotic president then you can go vote for Hillary.

  • Well, I don't even know where to start......

    For 1 Donald Trump is going to start world war 3. America will be ridiculed if he is elected plus just because Hillary sent a file to someone its really not that bad unlike Donald Trump he is brainwashing you. He doesn't even have good arguments the only reason you are voting for him is because you THINK Hillary is bad but let me tell you once he is voted people that aren't white are going to be killed he is better then Hitler but..... Come on he is and idiot. Don't vote for him. He will hurt America and the rest of the world.

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