• For America Vote Trump For ISIS vote Hillary

    I am hoping all of us know there is not a perfect candidate. Yet if we want to keep america alive we must vote trump. Hillary is okay with Boys in Girls public bathrooms. I have seen it on the Church Voting Record of 2016-2020. Hillary is also okay with the Nuclear deals with Iran that threatens Jerusalem i have also seen this on the Church Voting Record of 2016-2020. So if you want to make America great again. XD

  • Yes for Trump, no for Clinton.

    Donald Trump is the best choice. For one, he knows what "truth" means. For two, he isn't a complete idiot. And, for three, he might actually help the country. Would you rather have truth and peace? Or lies and chaos? Because if you vote Clinton, you are voting for the end of the world. Please, help make America great again.

  • Vote for Change

    I have many reasons for why I would vote for Trump, but one of the most pressing reasons is that nothing will change if Hilary Clinton becomes the next president of the United States. Nothing. If anything, things will get worse. Hilary has been working with Obama since he became president eight years ago and he endorses her still to this day and why do you think that is hm? It's because he knows that with her in the office, it will change nothing he doesn't agree with. Trump is here to change things and fix some of the biggest flaws in the system such as the disaster Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) that nobody can afford.

  • Make America Great Again

    Hillary Clinton, if you look at her past years of experience, did nothing for the country. She said she'd create jobs, but look now. Nothing has changed. Furthermore, Trump plans to run this country like a business. What does that mean? He will turn the national debt around. Hillary lies about everything she stands for, and her base argument is all about Woman's Rights. I'm not saying I don't believe in this, but she needs more to be an efficient president. This country has been run by democrats for years, and look what has happened. It's time for a change.

  • Trump will win.

    One side you have a pathological liar and criminal, the other side, you have a 'filthy-mouthed' businessman.

    I'll take the bussinessman, Donald J. Trump, any day. Hillary Clinton is a monster of a woman, if anyone is 'sexist', its her, if anyone is a 'liar, its her, if anyone is not fit to be president, it's her.

    I'm NOT with her, I'm with him.

  • Die in a hole donald trump

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  • No need to debate anymore, Trump is the best choice! Why? Because Hillary is a LIAR!

    I have evidence. Remember the cancellation of Trumps' rally in Chicago? The conflict was all set by Hillary and her people! There is a shady coordinated communications chain between the DNC, Clinton Campaign, Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC (Priorities) and other organizations. Please see this video for America's survival

  • Trump is a wild card but Hillary is Obama 2.0

    If you want the country to go even farther into debt and to see crime increase and to see the society go softer than vote Hillary. I personally cannot trust someone who lies and takes American lives for granted. Hillary could ruin the possibility for another female president forever. If Trump mess up you can get rid of him in 4 years but Hillary will continue to kill this economy and not do anything to ISIS

  • I love trumppppp. Make america great again.

    Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!! Trump is gayyyy!!

  • We don't want a president with amnesia- vote Trump

    "I don't know, I don't remember, Whatcho talkin bout willis?" All theses phrases are qoutes by Hilliary Clinton (maybe not the last one). At least Donald Trump can remember stuff, but he doesn't have to because he isn't on trial for sending to e-mails to- God knows who... So, let's make America great again!

  • I strongly suggest that Kanye starts running now

    AS we already know Clinton is not a great choice but trump isn't any better. If we are really looking to make america great again kanye Needs to step up. We need a real business man to sit in the white house. Therefore both candidates need to step down and give the job to kanye.

  • Hillary is better

    Just cuz i dont like the other guy. I hate donald. Hehe. His hair is nappy. Lol. Is that weird. Oh well. Haha anyways, yeah. I dont like him. He is ugly and fat. Yeah. I think thats it. I just want my vote to count. Ok bye now. Ok

  • Donald trump is a womenizer

    "Grab them by the pussy" he said. He believes that that women should bow to men's knees. I am a father who doesn't like my daughters hearing those things. " No one respects women more than me" he says.That has obviously been proven wrong by 12 other women I don't want an idiot in the White House. Much less a womanizing asshole

  • Hillary is not as crazy as trump

    Donald trump would use our tax dollars to fund his lavish private jet and other silly frivolous things that are not important. Hillary may have had some scandals, but let's face it, which politician doesn't? Anyone considering voting for trump needs to re-think who the better candidate is. Also, trump has many enemies, which would close off the USA's trade borders, whereas Hillary has made friends with many important leaders of state during her time as secretary of state.

  • Lesser of two evils

    She is the lesser of two evils, but, not much better in the long run. His ideas would cost America billions of dollars. America is flawed, but not flawed enough for the statement "Make America great again.". Sure, it has it's flaws, and has wronged people, but it's not like we need a whole revamp here.

  • Vote Third Party

    Hillary is definitely the lesser of two evils. (Doesn't advocate nuclear proliferation, actually understands Mutually Assured Destruction, hasn't insinuated her opponent get shot, hasn't proposed a ban on an entire religion [which actually helps ISIS] hasn't insinuated a judge is not reliable due to his heritage, hasn't called nationals of an entire country rapists and murders, hasn't discussed using fame to sexually assault women, hasn't faced multiple charges of sexual assault, doesn't tweet advocating the public to check out a porno at 3 AM [http://people.Com/bodies/donald-trump-shames-alicia-machados-sexual-past-in-tweet-storm/] hasn't admired Putin's leadership qualities...) but the lesser of two evils is still evil. Vote with some damn principle and vote Gary Johnson (or Stein or McMullin).

  • Hillary may not be the best, but Trump is worse.

    Donald Trump. A rich businessman. How will he change America? By getting rid of immigrants? Immigration, when not done illegally, is a great thing, it allows diversity in the country. Many immigrants come to this country for a better life. The United States would probably not be like this today if it weren't for immigrants. Donald Trump is not only racist, but he is also sexist. He has called many women some mean names like nasty,slob, pig, dog, and even fat. He has been accused of sexual assault and he even "joked" about dating his daughter. Donald is also a jerk. He made fun of a disabled in front of the public. Would you like be made fun of for being disabled? In my opinion, he wouldnt be a great president.

  • Trump < Nixon

    "democrats are attacking the second amendment" really, they just want more reasonable restrictions and ban military grade weapons. "Muslim ban" do I really have to explain why this one's bad, I mean with that logic why not go ban every christian because they might be in the kkk. ( Probably spelled christian wrong, not sure.) Trump is Pro Life and is against the legalization of same sex marriage. Trump's stance on global warming is that its a hoax created by the chinese, THAT'S SOOOOO STUPID just go here and see for your self . Vote Clinton and preserve same sex marriage, raise the minimum wage to 12$, put more money in to clean energy not fossil fuels, make college affordable for families that cant afford it, and vote for Hillary!

    WALL=LADDER, or take a boat and go around it.

  • Trump will ruin america

    Trump is a very Sexist and Racist Candidate.Hillary Clinton will accomplish what trump wants Hillary WILL make America great again;But Trump will only make America worse and besides, he wants to BUILD A WALL TO KEEP OUT THE BAD HAMBRES IN AMERICA BECAUSE HE IS A SEXIST AND RACIST PIG!!!!!

  • Donald trump is a racist beast


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