Donald Trump's son posted a photo on social media including Pepe the frog. Is this a symbol for white supremacists?

  • Pepe is a sympl for white supremacistss

    The picture posted by Donald Trump's campaign shows Pepe the Frog, which is a symbol commonly used by white supremacists. Most recently Pepe’s image has been used by those who call themselves “alt-right.” They’ve added swastikas and other symbols of anti-semitism and white supremacy to the image, clearly making it now a racist image.

  • Pepe is innocent

    If he's putting the faces of all these people and labeling them as "deplorable", it would demonstrate the opposite of white supremacy in that all of these negatively addressed people are also white. Whoever made this opinion page needs to rethink their life. The only way I can relate Pepe to Nazism is that both consist of illogical, depressing mindsets.

  • Pepe is old, man

    Pepe the Frog has been around for almost 10 years, and is more of a symbol of 4chan and the underbelly of the internet than a symbol for white supremacists. Of course according to the internet these days, because Trump's son posted it, that means it MUST be a racist symbol. What a ridiculous overreaction.

  • If it is then that tells me something that I didn't know about myself

    Pepe is a meme. That's it. I've used him countless times. However, due to that fact that he is a meme and thus is open to interpretation he could plausibly be used as a symbol for white supremacists. I know I've seen Pepes that will give many nightmares. So could Pepe be a symbol for white supremacy? Totally, to some group on the internet, but Pepe is popular and has gone through many phases, don't expect it to stay that way. Does Pepe's association with Trump hint at something more sinister? Who knows? At this point, with the info we have, it's just conjecture.

  • Pepe the frog is not a Nazi

    Since Matt Furie first drew a comic that included the character of Pepe the frog more than a decade ago, Pepe has continued to be popular in internet memes. Some of those have depicted Pepe as a Nazi, but he is not really a symbol of white supremacists or racism.

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