Don't you think "feminism" is another excuse for women to try to be sexist towards men?

Asked by: LuckyLemon
  • Most definitely. Feminism today is female>male.

    It is no longer about gender equality. It is about gender dominance. THE WRONG KIND. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-female; I'm anti-feminist. These women are not gonna stop at equal rights. Today, women are let off the hook so often, and yet do you see any signs of the "feminist movement" slowing down?
    Hypothetical case study:
    1. A man foul-mouths a woman in public. Consequence: a hundred passers-by flock together to beat the crap out of him. Who knows, the guy may even end up in jail for a while.
    2. A woman is beating a guy repeatedly with a stick, in public. Consequence: Passers-by hardly give a second glance. Most of them are thinking "he must be a jerk" or "he was probably cheating on her". But does "he" get any help??? NO!
    In most places, women are given half as severe sentences as men for an equally serious crime. What is this supposed to mean? That women rehabilitate twice as fast as men? Please. That's clearly gender-discriminant.
    I'm most certainly against sexual harassment, rape, and other forms of discrimination against women. But that doesn't mean that i'll sit quietly while these evil feminists do the same to men.
    On a separate but not unrelated note, the only reason feminism has gone so far is because of the benevolence of men. I hope these women don't forget that men HAVE been the dominant sex since time immemorial, and it's not that women have grown stronger; men have been more righteous. If things go too far, men have more than enough potency to reverse everything. So just as a warning to all you evil revenge-minded feminists: don't cross the line.

  • Does a bear poop in the woods??

    As ive mentioned several times before when this topic has come up, feminism is rooted in southern white supremacism. As a result, our society has become increasingly prejudiced against men and boys, who make up 60% of all babies born and 55% of the population as a whole. In that regard, a feminist society would resemble south african apartheid.

    The gender imbalance needs to addressed, since surplus male populations have been known to fuel domestic terrorism in the past. But we mustnt resort to bigotry and violence to do so, even if some feminists think that might be fun.

  • The Word Says it All

    Though this is an overuse of this exact argument, we as people can only (in the usual case) be of one gender at a time (if you believe in afterlife). If you are of the male gender, it is (at our current technology) impossible for you to transform completely into a female, and vice versa. Using such a word and using arbitrary facts to point out your oppressed nature is on the verge of unacceptable, but then using this to oppress the other gender is cruel and unfair. There is a broad line between making a statement and beyond, and I do sincerely feel that this has gone too far.

  • Simply put it, modern feminism is sexism

    Modern Feminism isn't like the feminism in the in the late 1800's and early 1900's, where women were trying to gain the right to vote and the right to own property. Feminism then was women standing up for their right to be treated EQUALLY. Modern Feminism is not the same.
    Modern Feminism more often then not is women seeking power over men, and a scary fact is that modern feminism has done exactly that. In relation to sexual harassment in the workplace, a woman may simply call the Human Resources department, and report a man for sexual harassment and an investigation will ensue. This turn of events will more than likely cost the man his job. However, if a MAN does the same thing, it make take two or three reports of the incident for anything to be done about it, and even after an investigation takes place, the charges may be dismissed. Another example of modern feminists seeking power over men is that in several cases, they complain about "not being considered an equal sex" when in fact the wage gap sexually has almost entirely disappeared. The reason I say almost is because it is still there, but only in manual labor jobs for the most part. It is still in there in manual labor jobs because many women simply wont work in a manual labor job. So this almost entirely removes that section of their protests.
    Modern Feminists also want to be "treated" the same whenever a lot of them could be if they stopped going to so many protests and went to work. I know a lot of feminists probably have jobs, so I should rephrase that. There would be less of "gender gap" if women started entering more male dominated fields. When feminists attack corporations for having more males in higher positions, it is completely unfounded. Ninety percent of the time a man has the job because he was more qualified than the female applicants.
    Some of "feminists" who are interviewed on the news at rallies don't know what they're talking about. I can't count the number of times I've heard a "feminist" who doesn't know what they're talking about make themselves look like a total idiot on national television, simply by not educating themselves. The ones I'm talking about form ideas, and yell about how they are right and if you have any other idea then you're wrong. I'll say again, this isn't all feminists, only the ones who don't really know what the word means. I'm all for EQUAL rights, but I'm not about to let "feminists" change what the word equal means.

  • Prison sentences and feminist ideas

    A man and a woman commit the same crime. The man WILL get a longer sentence!!! Also there are 90per cent homeless men. Where's the equality. I have these discussions with my feminist friend . She's so narrow minded she can't accept the facts . Also thanks feminists for nothing. I'm quite happy to have a man pay when I go out and open doors for me. Oh and I also like them to drive. I'm getting a t shirt "not a feminist"
    Btw. I own my own home, have had my own business, drive smoke drink vote do what I like when I like. Stop trying to fix things that aren't broke.

  • Feminists today demand superiority

    Pay gap has been debunked numerous times.
    Men are objectified just as much as women.
    Men are raped more than women in the US.
    Women are looked upon favorably in divorce courts.
    Women get lighter sentences than men for the same crimes.
    Women can beat a man and get no punishment, man defends himself and gets charged with assault.
    Etc, etc.

    Women already have superiority in the western world.

    Feminists support people JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE FEMALE. They back Clinton for 2016 presidency not because of her ability to run the States, but solely because she is female. That is a perfect example of sexism.

  • Yes - Look At Jessica Valenti

    One of the world's most prominent feminists sports and "Male Tears" shirt, proudly.

    Look at any tumblr log on feminism and look at the disgusting sexism by female feminists towards men.

    Feminism is sexists, bias and based on misinformation, the illusion of truth effect and a negative feedback loop.

    They hate men!

  • Vengeance for females

    When asked, among educated enlightened women, "can the struggle for equality proceed without a pendulum swing into pure vengeance," the answer was a resounding "no." The problem is that such vengeance is perpetrated upon those men who would support women, not the true bigots and miscreants cited by women as the examples of what justifies the vengeance. Thus, it is counter productive and just plain bigoted - this vengeance upon the part of feminism.

    In no culture or organization has such a campaign of vengeance benefitted anyone, it spurs it's own violence and the cycle goes on. Who is to break the cycle? We all are to do so, together, while marking those, male and female, who profess that the only way forwards is through more violence. So called feminists desire only more violence - a purely selfish motivation, no matter the crime(s) committed against them in the past - simply because this violence is to be perpetrated against any man. Thus, it is arbitrary by definition and in practice and based on a class of people, namely males...Thus, it is nothing more than another "...Ism" that we do not need.

  • Of course it is.

    Have you ever seen a feminist stand up for the countless injustices faced solely by men? Never. Have there ever been feminists who don't call standing up for Men's Rights misogyny? What about bettering the lives of men so that men and women can be treated equally ( i.e. in divorce courts, child custody, victims of false rape accusations, being abused by female partners, having to go through selective service when women don't ( the price that everyone should pay for their right to vote, the fact that men serve 60% more time for the same crimes as women, that there are no Men's Studies courses in college (if history really is men's studies, then why are there important women and the teaching that men must behave a certain way to be important to society, male rape victims, and the idea that men shouldn't judge a woman by appearance but it's okay if women do whatever they please with every man in existence? If feminism wasn't just sexism that strictly favours women, then why haven't they fixed these issues? Feminists and feminist allies everywhere, stop saying " feminism is about equality between men and women, not women being treated better than men," because your actions throughout the entire history of the feminist regime prove you wrong.

  • They're not real.

    Any woman that thinks they are better than men or use it as an excuse to be sexist towards men are NOT feminists. Unfortunately, they just use that term because they don't understand the term. They give actual feminists a bad name. Real feminists truly do just want gender equality.

  • Ofcoarse not !!

    Feminism is a strong ideology both men and women have the opportunity to believe in. Women are underprivileged in todays society and have been in the past. They still get paid less then men and are seen as "housewives and to raise the family". If anything the people who say yes to this statement need to open their eyes and look at the world from other peoples view and women NEED to stop being viewed as less able of particular tasks then men.

  • Not That Much

    I'll admit that I cannot stand the type of feminist adheres to the "all men are rapists" idea or the ones who believe that, since men have oppressed women for a couple thousand years, women should do the same to men for a few millennia. But those women are the minority, and other feminists don't like them either. Feminism isn't as needed today as it was in the past, but there are definitely issues that women still face- such as unequal pay and the right to have an abortion.

  • Feminism is another word for equality.

    While it is a poorly chosen name, feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. Men and women may be different genders, but they're both still people. One gender is not better than the other gender. Even though most of us agree with that statement, we don't live by it. There are specific jobs that are given to women because they are supposed to be good at them. The same goes for men. What if that isn't true? Just because someone was born a guy or a girl doesn't mean we should put that above their personality, skills, intelligence, and talents.

  • Feminism is about equality, not reversing society to female dominated.

    Feminism is about equality between men and women, and therefore is about fighting discrimination against women, rather than relaying it back to men. People who think that sexism towards men is a part of feminism are sadly mistaken. The whole goal of feminism was to allow women to have a choice in their lives and be able to make whatever they want of their lives, as men do. In accusing feminists wanting an excuse to be sexist towards men is to trivialise the whole movement against sexism.
    Furthermore, a much bigger deal is made of sexism towards women than it is against men because the impact of this discrimination is felt much more heavily. Men are in the dominant position, and therefore any sexism towards them is insignificant because they already have the ability to make choices about their own lives and be whatever they want. Women, on the other hand, are still fighting to obtain this right fully, so discrimination against them is felt more strongly.

  • Feminism is for equality

    Feminism is the wrong word. The word makes it sounds like women want revenge for how bad men have treated us throughout the history. They really should change feminism to equalitism or something like that.

    Feminism is fighting for equality between men and women. Women are earning 77 cent to a man's dollar. Is that fair?

  • I don't think so...

    Feminist women don't want to be sexy, they want to be independent towards men. Mostly of feminist women don't like men as a person, often because in the past they had problems with some man, or its just because they want to be better, be able to prove people you don't need a man at your side to survive.

  • Women can be sexist too!

    I think the problem we have here is that we don't recognize that women can be sexist misandrists just as easily as men can be misogynists. I don't know why we have to associate sexist misandry with feminism though. There are plenty of pro-women anti-men feminists who I would consider a misandrist but I don't think that they are misandrists because they are feminists I think they are sexist because they are sexist.

    In the case of feminism I believe that feminism is, by its definition, "the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men." (OED) We're talking about advocating for women's rights specifically in instances where there is gender inequality between men and women. It's called feminism because historically the inequality tends to favor men so the resulting advocacy of course tends to favor women. This does not mean that it's an excuse for women to be misandrists - they can do that without being feminists.

    Do some women call themselves feminists when they are really misandrists? Sure! Just like some people call themselves Christians when they're really just bigots. Some people call themselves proud when they really mean racist. The fact that some people lie about their beliefs in order to sound like a better person does not mean that they somehow get to own the definition of the lie that they told. I mean I could tell you that I'm a doctor but that doesn't mean that doctor has to be redefined to describe me.

  • Feminism not Sexism

    Feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. Feminists strive to be equal to men, not to be greater than men. The fact that this topic is even being voted against is sexist towards women and it shows why feminism still has to exist today.

  • Sexist? No. An excuse for women to dominate men? Yes.

    We get it women. We men are horrible animals who've suppressed you for years, and to a degree continue to repress you. But please. We weren't forcing you to work out in the heat picking cotton for absolutely no pay for hours upon hours of the day. Get. Over. It. If I ever get a wife, I'll love her, and split the work in our relationship 50/50, and will never slack. But I won't let her dominate me, and I won't dominate her. Two people in a relationship are equals, nothing more, nothing less.

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