Double Jeopardy Rule, Abolition of: Should the double jeopardy rule be abandoned?

  • The double jeopardy rule should be abandoned.

    Back when the constitution was written, evidence was hard to find after a trial concluded that somehow warranted another trial. Nowadays, technology is all the range, and it is very possible that new evidence could be found that totally changes the original outcome. This is why double jeopardy should be elimated and people should be allowed to try cases twice.

  • Keep Double Jeopardy

    I think that the double jeopardy rule should stand. If a person has already been tried for a crime and gone through a trial that was found to be fair, he or she should not have to go through another trial. Also, the Fifth Amendment states that this is correct. We would have to change the amendment in the United States to eliminate double jeopardy and I do not think that is right because our country was founded of principles of fairness and justice.

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