Dr Jack Kevorkian AKA Dr. Death performed voluntary euthanasia on patients: Should voluntary euthanasia be legal in America?

  • It's their opinion.

    Although some of these people may be sick, it's ultimately their opinion if they want to die or not. Now it is true that some may not be able to make their own decision (which is why some people may disagree and question this debate). However, if at the time voluntary eunthenasia is performed is illegal, then it should be prosecuted.

  • Voluntary euthanasia should be legal in America

    Voluntary euthanasia should be legal in the Untied States. Many times, people are suffering with a terminal illness,and are troubled about being a burden to their loved ones. It should be regulated and restrictions put in place, such as those with a little time left to live, it can ease their minds and physical suffering.

  • A Persons Right to Die

    Having sat at my son's bedside in a trauma ICU and having to make that decision for him. Dignity over emotional feelings. Toughest day of my life but he wouldn't have wanted to be in that state indefinitely. Having the right to choose to die with dignity is becoming more acceptable and prolonging suffering is finally coming to an end. Where there's a will there's a way.

  • Yes, but only for terminally ill patients of sound mind.

    Forcing someone to live out their life in severe pain and/or misery caused by a terminal disease is pointless and inhumane. Although people might be aghast at the idea of voluntary euthanasia, arguing that it amounts to no more than suicide, it can actually be a compassionate way to allow patients with no chance of survival to die on their own terms, rather than suffer needlessly.

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