Dr. Jack Kevorkian: Should "Dr. Death" have been imprisoned for simply granting the wishes of his patients?

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  • No, he should not have been imprisoned for helping people.

    It takes a huge amount of compassion to end someone's life when that is what they want. Ending someone's pain and misery should be applauded not punished. Anyone can take their own life if they are physically capable, the same should be true if they are not. The law should be adjusted in a way that can take the human suffering into consideration and help people peacefully end their own lives.

  • I have evolved on this

    Initially i was concerned about the hippocratic oath that doctors take preventing them from doing things like this. Now, we all know there are sociopaths within that segment of the population who get off on killing other people, so it's not like it doesn't happen. Dr Kevorkian was in a league by himself and may have been ahead of his time. Why can't we give people a dignified pain free death at their request. He probably should not have been imprisoned for granting them that service.

  • Bodily Autonomy is Important

    He should not have been imprisoned but maybe there was something else that could've been done such as some kind of rehabilitative treatment or trying to understand the implications behind his actions instead of just assuming it to be a criminal offense. Patients have bodily autonomy such as anyone else and if they feel they can no longer function in this world due to a disease that was going to kill them anyway, why not avoid the pain and end it?

  • No Dr Jack Kervorkian was ahead of his time, and should not have been imprisoned for helping his patients obtain relief from their suffering.

    While euthanasia is a particularly charged issue, at its root is the idea that all people of sound mind should be allowed to make the decision to end their own lives when life has become too much of a burden due to progressive and incurable illness. We permit ourselves to extend this mercy to our beloved pets at the end of their lives, I see nothing wrong in allowing for this same mercy for ourselves.There needs to be safety protocols in place however, Dr Kervorkian provided his patients with the means to painlessly end their own lives and that decision should have been their right to make.

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