Drivers licenses for Illegal immigrants in the US: Is American public opinion in favor and does it matter?

  • This can save the life of many citizens

    I am 100% for illegals having drivers licenses for safety reasons. There have been various accidents where there is no proper identification or a way to identify them because of their status. If they are allowed to have their license they are also required to have car insurance which holds them responsible for their actions. Also what difference would it make if you don't let them drive legally, many will continue to no matter what.

  • No drivers licenses for illegal immigrants

    I do not think that it is fair to grant licenses to illegal immigrants since they are here illegally and need to become citizens first. The ability to get and hold a license should be a right of a legal American, and not until an illegal immigrant becomes legal should they be able to get a license.

  • Americans oppose driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.

    If polls are to be believed, Americans overwhelmingly oppose granting illegal immigrants driver's licenses. This certainly should matter since the United States is supposed to be a nation governed by the people, and if the vast majority of Americans oppose a policy then their elected representatives should take note and respect their opinions.

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