Dropbox confirms millions of user data stolen. Can companies do more to protect personal data?

  • Companies can do more to protect personal data

    In the era of monthly reports of hacks of personal information, from the IRS to federal employees to JPMorgan Chase bank, companies need to invest more money and time on security. If people are to trust their information to the Cloud at sites such as Dropbox, these companies need to prove that they can protect our data.

  • Yes, companies need to do more to protect personal data

    In this day of identify theft and computer hacking, it is the responsibility of each company and their employees to protect personal data. In addition to Dropbox, another example of theft occurred in the Target credit card system and they found a way to tighten the cashiering process. We are all vulnerable to the theft of data and need to protect ourselves in all dealings.

  • I believe companies are limited by what they can do to protect personal data.

    Companies can only do so much to protect personal data from being stolen, and the reason is technology. With advancements in technology moving at light speed, it can be difficult for companies to invest and utilize the most recent technology, and that also applies to data protection technology. Companies lose millions each year through security breaches and lost data, but it is due in part to lack of technology to combat it.

  • Companies do enough with data

    Although I believe that companies currently do enough to protect the personal data that they hold on users I would only counter this with the fact that companies should, if anything, review the amount of data that they actually hold. This and good password protocols would minimise any intrusions to held data.

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