Dropbox hack leads to dumping of 68 million user passwords on the internet. Are hackers winning?

  • Yes, hackers seem to be winning.

    Hackers seem to have the upper hand when it comes to protecting online identity and user information. It appears that many companies, governments and organizations are unable to secure data; leaving millions of people vulnerable to identity theft and fraud. The Global technology community must come up with a solution to deal with the theft of user data by hackers.

  • Hackers' skills are improving

    It does seem that hackers are winning. It seems like they can get into anything if given enough time. I'm not sure a password is going to prevent them from obtaining what they want. I watched a documentary that advised paying for everything with cash. Well, didn't we move beyond that a long time ago? I rarely have cash in my purse, but if my debit card or my credit card are at risk simply by using them, what's the answer? We progress backwards? It seems like there should be more progress forward. Someone needs to be smarter than the hackers and develop safeguards for the public.

  • No, hackers are not winning the war just because they seem to have won this battle.

    While hackers may appear to be winning after hacking dropbox, it is a war that will go on for a very long time. The loopholes they found to enable their actions will be fixed, and then they will find another loophole some where else that will eventually be patched. It is only a momentary foot-up for them.

  • No, hackers are not winning.

    No, hackers are not winning. We have many corporations around the world that help us combat hackers and their terrible deeds. If we stay determined, we will triumph over them. We have to stay hopeful and never give up in our fight against them. Hackers are not winning the war, but maybe just the battle.

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