Drug testing in schools: Are random tests a waste of resources?

  • It is not against the rules

    It is not technically against the rules of school to use drug outside of school and off school hours. The schools should be focused more on educating that children instead of worrying what they are doing on their own time. It is impossible to know if a person just used drugs or if they used it the night before, or in the case of marijuana, within the last month, so why even waste the time and money?

  • Why add this expense?

    Public schools are in a financial crisis. Levy's are failing all over the place. Individual's incomes are not what they once were and it has had a direct impact on our school budgets. Why add drug testing to school expenses? It is not the schools responsibility to raise our children. It is their responsibility to teach. Beyond telling our children drugs are wrong and enforcing they are not to be used at school, school districts have no responsibility regarding the children's drug use. That responsibility should fall on the parents.

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