Dutch MPs vote to pass a bill that would require people to be donors, unless they explicitly opt out. Is the government going too far?

  • It should be a personal decision.

    Although being a donor is a wonderful thing, it should be a personal decision, and not something mandated by the government. Although I can see why the government would want more people to be organ donors, I think it is going way too far to include it as part of a bill.

  • Serious governmental overreach

    It seems inherently wrong to require that people donate organs. There are so many religious, moral and legal objections that any number of people could have. It could well be the better thing for society, but society is made of individuals and there is no greater violation of privacy than sizing up a persons organs.

  • No, they are not.

    This bill allows people to opt out, which does not violate their civil liberties. It simply makes organ donor ship the default option which goes a long way towards encouraging people to donate their organs. This is a lot differnt from all the hoops people have to go through in the US.

  • No, they are not.

    I do not believe this to be going to far. I do not know what kind of donor people are, I'm assuming organ donors, but it does not really matter because it is not mandatory. People are aloud to opt out if they do not want to. If the process of opting out is simple and easy, then this seems fine.

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