Dwight Gooden denies using cocaine recently. Do you think Gooden is a drug addict?

  • Yes, cocaine is an addictive drug in which he was already proven to be under the influence of in the past.

    Yes, Dwight Gooden should still be considered a drug addict. Cocaine is a highly addictive drug. Without documented rehab or other drug program visits, it is my belief that he still uses the drug. Based on a history of abuse, even being suspended from the MLB for such use, we have proof that he had an addiction. Although he may not use the drug at the same capacity, using the drug once in a while still indicates that he recently used cocaine.

  • Dwight Gooden is a drug addict

    Dwight Gooden is a drug addict. Although he says he has been clean for several years, addicts are very good at manipulating and lying to people. His story about why he did not show up to an event does not make any sense. Furthermore, Strawberry and his ex-girlfriend have no reason to lie.

  • No. I do not think Dwight Gooden is a drug addict.

    I do not think Dwight Gooden is a drug addict. I do not believe there is any or enough evidence to put him in the category of addict. Even if he was not being truthful when he denied using cocaine recently, I do not think that would make him a drug addict. Someone that is a drug addict lives in a life consumed by substance. Dwight Gooden seems to have a life outside of drugs.

  • I'm not sure

    It's likely that he is. Obviously I don't know for certain if he's an addict. However, I think he had some problems with drugs and alcohol in the past, and addiction is a disease, so if he's relapsed that could explain some of his behavior. Once you're an addict, you're an addict and the disease doesn't go away.

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