E-mails show Hillary Clinton's server was a security headache. Do you think she did anything wrong?

  • Hillary Clinton's emails does prove that she should have been better informed.

    Hillary Clinton's email issue does prove that she should have been better informed, as the former Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton did not seem to follow State Department procedures about record keeping and cyber security which is definitely a major headache, since according to the Freedom of Information Act, State Department emails are eligible for future public records.

  • Yes, Hillary was wrong.

    Hillary's mistake may have been understandble and innocently made, but it was still the wrong thing to do. While she did not necessarily create a security headache on purpose, there should be definate consequences to her actions. At the very least, there need to be precautions made so that something like this does not happen in the future.

  • Yes, the facts are the Democrat party is corrupt period.

    It isn't about integrity but stupidity. I suspect what we will see is people like you who will never accept any investigation that doesn’t find Clinton guilty. You will have had your mind set on the House committee investigating the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya finding Clinton guilty yet after 10 hours of questioning they came up with nothing. So you are now pinning your hopes on the FBI investigation turning up something to charge her on and if they don't you'll determine that the world is conspiring against you. So far the FBI have not charged her with anything and that is presumable because there is nothing to charge her with. The time you pulled your head out of the sand and accepted that the probability of Clinton being guilty of a chargeable offence is unlikely. Consequently, she is very much part of the election and judging by the appalling judgment of Republican voters Clinton looks as though she will be the first woman POTUS.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton did a lot of things wrong.

    Hillary Clinton's private email server has become a national security headache. Clinton's use of a private server not only violated state department rules, but it also put United States national security at risk to hackers. In fact, someone has claimed that he was able to successfully hack into the server. In short, Hillary Clinton most definitely did many things wrong by using a private email server.

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