Edward Snowden called it a "dark day" for Russia after Putin signed sweeping surveillance laws. Does Snowden have any right to say anything?

  • Edward Snowdon has a right to say whatever he wants.

    Edward Snowdon can say whatever he wants to say, and he is obviously a very opinionated individual. Snowdon may be very unwise making statements about Putin signing surveillance laws, but he has a right to make statements. Whether or not anyone pays attention or gives any importance to what Snowdon says is an entirely different issue however.

  • Snowden Correct In Calling It A Dark Day For Russia

    One of the most famous whistle-blowers in history, Edward Snowden is surely qualified to speak on the subject of Big Brother. Has the efficacy of these kinds of sweeping surveillance programs really been proven? They are being implemented at the cost of our civil liberties, so we should all be a little more concerned when we hear about these things happening, even in other countries like Russia.

  • Snowden on Information Leaks in Russia Ooops

    Putin as leader of the soviet empire has the ability to do what ever he pleases. He is the sleeping bear. Snowden took a stick and poked him with his comment about "dark day". Snowden is no more than a fungus gnat in the realm of information who got his 15 minutes of infamy by using Wikileaks then fleeing the United States.

  • Edward Snowden's opinion matters

    Edward Snowden is best known for leaking classified NSA documents. Now he has made headlines again after he criticized Russian President Putin for signing into law invasive surveillance measures. His opinion can be trusted because he has extensive experience with how different countries use surveillance for their own nefarious gain.

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