Egyptian media claims ISIS is made up: Was ISIS a fabrication of the West to justify war?

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  • No, ISIS was not made up.

    For the Egyptian media to suggest that the West made up the ISIS group to justify war is a little absurd, considering the fact that there are videos that claim responsibility for atrocious acts against humanity. To say that this terrorist group is a fabrication, shows what little support the West has from Egypt.

  • No, ISIS is not a fabrication of the West to justify war.

    No, ISIS is not a fabrication of the West to justify war. There is video evidence to prove it. ISIS is a real thought and anyone who thinks otherwise does not watch enough news. Egyptian TV might have something to hide for making such claims. We should not deny their existence.

  • Whatever the label, the hatred is real

    Whether you call it ISIS or ISIL or anything else, there are several fanatical factions bound by the same type of ideology as ISIS or ISIL. They hate the west and the moral decay it stands for, they hate America, and they believe it's part of their code or calling to inspire terror and fear in those they hurt. The label doesn't matter as much as the fact that the entity exists.

  • They aren't made up

    ISIS is a real organization that actually does exist. We didn't fabricate them, we just created the conditions that were right for their creation. Our meddling in the Middle East continues to bite us in the butt, but we don't learn. Luckily, ISIS is so terrible that the rest of the world wants them destroyed as well.

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