Eight dolphins will be retired from the National Aquarium in Baltimore: Is it wrong to use animals as a form of entertainment?

  • Yes, animals belong in the wild and should not be used for entertainment.

    Yes, using animals as a form of entertainment is wrong. I think that by caging animals and keeping them captive can make it more dangerous for the humans and animals. Often when animals are controlled by the wrong people, they can be abused and the abuse can cause trauma for the animal. For example, the killer whales at SeaWorld that are bred in captivity have killed more than a 100 humans, while those in the wild have only killed one.

  • It is wrong to use animals as entertainment.

    Animals should not be used for entertainment if their living circumstances are horrible. Even then, we have taken the animals out of their natural habitats. That being said, this does not mean we should just release all of the animals in captivity. Some of these animals have been in captive for most of their lives and they don't really know how else to live.

  • Animals Are Not Entertainment

    Animals have been used for man's entertainment for centuries but at what cost? The animal is often kept in inhumane, deplorable conditions and are often starved, abused and mistreated all because those that have them see them as property rather than a living creature. No more has this been apparent than at Sea World where large whales have both attacked and killed their trainers. The animals that we think are 'so cute' and enjoy watching are wild animals--whether they were born in captivity or not. Their place is out in their natural habitat, not a small tank that is too small to adequately accommodate them or trapped inside of a too-small cage until they are expected to go and perform for thousands of people who are blind to what really happens behind the scenes.

  • Yes, they should be free.

    I understand that animals in zoos and aquariums are usually treated very well, but it's hard for me to get behind the idea of using them for entertainment against their will. Human entertainers willingly choose their profession. Dolphins and other animals don't get a chance to choose. I don't think it's horribly inhumane, but I still don't agree with it.

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