• Yes, Donald Trump should release Melania Trump's immigration & education records if there is nothing to hide.

    If Donald and Melania Trump have nothing to hide about Melania's education and immigration history, they should definitely release any relevant records. Melania Trump has made claims about both her education history and her history of using the visa program and immigrating legally to the Untied States that some journalists have speculated are false. The media has presented their evidence that Melania Trump's claims are false, so now the Trumps must present their evidence that their claims are true.

  • Yes, he should.

    Trump has called into question many of the records of his rivals, in particular the citizenship of Barack Obama. While it is not necessary for the wife of the President to be born a US citizen, she does need to have immigrated here legally and he should assuage people by releasing the records.

  • No, it's her business

    Donald Trump is a complete idiot but that does not make his family fair game. She was not caught by the government for doing something wrong. She is now a citizen. It would truly be a new low to go after spouses, even though Republicans have done it to democrats for years. Kids and spouses should be off limits. We can't stoop to his level.

  • She's not running for anything

    This election has got to be the most irrelevant mudslinging that I've ever seen. There's no discussion about the numerous issues that we face as a country, it's just half-truths, outright falsehoods, and discussion about meaningless stuff like Trump's wife. The only thing that releasing the records would do is force the trolls to troll somewhere else, it's not an actual issue.

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