Elizabeth Warren is endorsing Hillary Clinton: If Clinton is elected, will she be forced to confront her email scandal?

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton will continue to confront her email scandal.

    I am agreeing but adding that I feel Hillary Clinton is already confronting the scandal surrounding her email usage. She will of course be forced to continue to do so. I feel it is rather unfortunate since she as well as the voters should be concentrating on much more important issues in my opinion.

  • No, Elizabeth Warren will not be forced to confront Hillary's email scandal.

    As it's unclear which "she" is referred to in the above question - "...will 'she' be forced to confront 'her' email scandal?," I've chosen to read the question as "...will Warren be forced to confront Clinton's email scandal?" The FBI and Congress are already in the process of investigating Clinton's email sent to her private server. As such, a member of Congress likely will not be able to comment on a current investigation. As a running mate, Elizabeth Warren will also be more focused on attacking Trump (and his potential running mate) and to furthering Clinton's platform. As a current member of Congress, she may be asked questions about Clinton's email, but it's necessary for her to address the issue.

  • It is not likely Hillary will be under fire for e-mail scandal if elected

    It is a well known fact that a President has a number of special privileges while in office. One of those privileges may include being able to pardon anyone of any federal crime. It has been a common practice for the next president to pardon the previous one, be it to dismiss their excessive use of executive action, or for something that could be a serious crime. Obama will leave office and if perhaps Hillary is elected president, she will pardon Obama and continue the Democratic Party's regime over the executive branch. While President not much will probably be done to address the e-mail scandal, and Hillary will most likely be pardoned next term.

  • She already has

    If Hillary Clinton is elected President of the United States she will definitely be more cognizant of the usage of emails. She has just faced the more detailed hounding we have ever seen against anyone over emails. There was a Republican group who started the drumbeats on this issue to paint her as dishonest and hiding something. The scandal has now blown out of proportion and as soon as she makes any steps forward you hear about the emails, as though whoever is ahead of the investigation is deliberately dragging it along to help the other side. She really made a rookie move by even getting a separate server and i'm sure she has learned her lesson but she has made it to the top so it doesn't even matter anymore.

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