Elizabeth Warren wants Wells Fargo's CEO "held accountable." Should he resign?

  • America cannot afford another financial crisis.

    The sort of self interested, dangerous action of Wells Fargo should not go unpunished. America is just now recovering from the financial crisis of 2008 that was caused by this same selfish type of action. the CEO showed that he is the sort of person who will willingly engage in fraud; why should we continue to trust him to head one of the largest, most powerful banks in America?

  • Yes, he should.

    Having one's cake and eating it too happens everyday. Remember when the abuse at Abu Ghraib was uncovered? Highest ranking person that spent time in jail for that was a staff sergeant. The officers in charge of the prison claimed that those soldiers who abused prisoners were just a few "bad apples". Well, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Either the commanders were giving orders to abuse or they were unaware of the soldiers under their command violating codes of conduct, tantamount to negligence. You can't have it both ways, logically, but those officers sure did.

  • Yes, he should resign

    Yes, he should resign. It is ridiculous that he would not resign for this. If anyone else in any other position did something like this, they would be fired immediately. It's crazy how top level executives are treated in this country. They are always given free passing for committing atrocities.

  • Elizabeth Warren is against business.

    Elizabeth Warren does not want any business to succeed. She will always find something to criticize. Business do their best, but in a market system, not every business can succeed all the time. That is okay. That is the market process. Warren simply wants to find a way to criticize a business so that she can argue for socialism instead.

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