Energy drinks (yes) vs. coffee (no): which one is better?

Asked by: hohoho
  • Why is coffee good

    If you don't have energy drinks then some times you wont have the energy to do anything. Thats why some kids drink this so they can have energy for school some people can't stay awake in there classes. Also I would also like to stay awake in school and sometimes it could be helpful to others when they are lazy and sit down on the couch and are not active.

  • Coffee is much better

    Coffee is the better choice when it comes to getting your caffeine fix. If you look at the ingredients in an energy drink, you probably won't even recognize half of the words. There are all sorts of terrible sweeteners in them and they're bad for your health. Coffee is natural and can be sweetened however the drinker wants it to be.

  • No, coffee is much better.

    No, energy drinks are not as good as coffee. They provide short bursts of energy but most are filled with too many ingredients. Coffee, however, is all natural and has many proven health benefits. People have loved coffee for centuries and pay big money for it. Most people complain about some ill effect from the energy drinks.

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