Enhanced interrogation techniques: Are enhanced interrogation techniques constitutional?

  • There is nothing in the constitution that forbids foreign enemies of the United States from being interrogated using "enhanced" techniques.

    In a case where an American citizen was being detained and tortured, perhaps a case could be made that the constitution was being violated. However, the constitution offers no expressed protection for citizens of other countries. It is a document that outlines principles of governance for the U.S. Government to apply to U.S. Citizens. An argument can be made that "enhanced" interrogation techniques are unethical or cruel, but I don't feel that such techniques are explicitly unconstitutional.

  • Enhanced interrogation techniques makes sure everyone is on the right page

    i think enhanced interrogation techniques are constitutional because it doesn't violate any constitution rights. Anyways these techniques are used for serious criminals. And committing a crime is a unconstitutional so its should not matter any ways. I think it should be put place because it only helps us by cathing the right criminal instead of innocent people.

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