Environmental toxins have been found to hurt brain development. Should there be increased government regulations?

  • Yes, anything that has been proven to hurt brain development should be regulated by the government.

    Yes, environmental toxins should be regulated by the government. They have been scientifically proven to harm brain development in children. If we care about the future of our society, we should be doing everything in our power to protect the safety of the next generation. That means that we must use toxic chemicals with caution to prevent irreversible damage.

  • Yes, to prevent further damage.

    With increased industrial activities that are releasing toxic chemical effluents in the environment, it is high time the government tightened its regulation to protect people. The brain damage caused is sometimes irreversible as it manifest in later stage of life. Laws should also be set to compensate those affected by the same toxins.

  • Yes, regulations should increase.

    There are lots of enviromental toxins that are being discovered in the air and water. Children are being exposed to them at alarming levels. Increased regulations could help prevent tragedies including the problems that have occurred in Flint, Michigan and other places where lead has been found in the water.

  • Yes, government regulations are needed to prevent further adverse effects to brain development.

    Yes, there should be increased government regulations regarding environmental toxins. While long strides have been made in this area for the last few decades, further protection continues to be necessary. While technology continues to develop, so do toxins and those properties that are detrimental to brain development. Progress is ongoing, and so should be something as important as brain development. Oversight needs to continue for our own protection.

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