Epipen maker Mylan raises other generic drug prices. Should the company be forced to testify before Congress to explain the increase?

  • Yes, Mylan should give reason as to thy they raised generic drug prices.

    Mylan should be held responsible for any increase in generic drug prices, for there is a definite reform needed on the laws that hold pharmaceutical companies responsible. By testifying in front of Congress this keeps Mylan's intentions in check and prevents them from price gauging the consumer. Furthermore, if their price increase on generic drug prices is due to their decision in dropping their Epipen price then they must present the evidence for this claim.

  • Mylan should testify before Congress

    Mylan should be forced to testify before Congress after implementing a large increase on EpiPen, as well as other drug prices. Hopefully, it will embarrass the company and its CEO, who seems to feel no remorse for raising prices on a life saving device. It might lead to shaming other drug companies into better behavior.

  • Mylan should testify before Congress to explain increases

    Mylan should testify before Congress to explain why they had raised generic drug prices almost as much as they raised EpiPen. From 312 percent for a drug that treats gastroesophageal reflux disease to 542 percent for a drug used to treat gallstones. These price increases hit some seniors particularly hard because Social Security benefits did not increase at all in 2015 and will only increase an estimated 0.2 percent in 2017.

  • Yes, the company should be forced to testify before Congress to explain the increase.

    Mylan has increased the cost of twenty-four of its products by a lot more than twenty percent, as well as seven of its products by greater than one hundred percent. Mylan makes EpiPen, an essential gadget that counteracts the allergic response referred to as anaphylaxis , making it possible for sufferers who are afflicted by extraordinary as well as occasionally fatal hypersensitive reactions the valuable time necessary arrive at a medical center for life-saving therapy.

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