Eric Trump expressed surprise two Hispanic advisors withdrew their support. Will Trump's support among Hispanics reach an all-time low?

  • Hispanics will not support Trump

    I cannot believe there is one HIspanic who supports Trump. And Eric Trump should not be surprised that the HIspanic advisors withdrew. Trump has made it clear that he has no respect for these people. He can't take back the things he said. He said they were rapists. He "assumed" there were some good people, but he sure didn't sound like he knew any. When he speaks his mind, he offends people and I can't believe that he has any supporters, HIspanic or otherwise.

  • They don't trust him

    Trump's Hispanic supporters are dropping like flies. They are finally realizing that they were being used simply for photo ops and the optics. Trump has moved on to do the same thing with the African American community. He does not care about these communities but instead is manipulating the optics to attract white educated voters who are put off by his racist rhetoric. He is pretending to be tolerant.

  • Yes, Trump's Hispanic support will reach an all-time low.

    Donald Trump's support among Hispanic voters will likely reach an all-time low by election day. Trump is likely to lose the Hispanic vote by a substantial margin. Unfortunately, there is very little he can do to reverse the damage done with Latino voters. Trump's offensive remarks on immigration have driven many supporters away.

  • No, Trump's support has reached it's lowest among Hispanic voters long before now.

    Trump's support among Hispanic voters will not drop any lower. By this point in the presidential race, everyone knows who Trump is and what he's about. He displayed his feelings towards immigrants as soon as he entered the race, and people far beyond the United States are familiar with Trump and his politics, and have been for a long while. To clarify, I'm certainly not saying the Trump's support among Hispanics will rise, I just believe that it reached its lowest point long before now.

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