ESPN Controls its workers: Is criticism of Skip Bayless Forbidden at Work?

  • Yes, criticism of Skip Bayless may be forbidden at ESPN

    Yes, criticism of Skip Bayless may be forbidden at ESPN. ESPN is trying t promote its shows and have a cohesive group of employees and commentators. They ay have a rule that states that criticism of Skip Bayless is forbidden even if it is unwritten. This should not be a hard rule to abide by.

  • Yes, It’s well known Skip is a miserable guy.

    To me, this proves that ESPN encouraged Skip to make outrageous remarks.

    Skip most likely agreed to take inaccurate or unpopular stances to generate controversy and ratings, so long as other journalists at ESPN did not attack his reputation.

    True journalists at ESPN should be happy he is gone. It can only raise the credibility of their programming as Skip spoke nonsense on purpose that he most likely didn’t even believe himself.

    If he continues this at FOX, please don't insult your viewers. At least make him wear a red nose.

  • Yes, criticism of Skip Bayless is forbidden at work.

    There are reports that ESPN keeps tight control over its employees at work; regarding what they are allowed to say about certain ESPN officials. Specifically, employees are not allowed to criticize Skip Bayless. If Bayless does something that someone disagrees with, that person must suck-it-up and not complain about it at work. In short, ESPN keeps its workers on a tight leash when it comes to disagreeing with Skip Bayless.

  • ESPN only monitors.

    ESPN does not control it's workers. Yes, they monitor and keep reporters like Skip from saying things that would in return hurt the network, but that censorship is necessary. Most opinions would not be withheld because of ESPN. Skip Bayless was not controlled. ESPN was only keeping him and the network safe,

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