ESPN’s fantasy football site isn’t working on the most important day of the season: Is ESPN the best fantasy football site?

  • Yes, ESPN has the best fantasy football site.

    Yes, ESPN has the best fantasy football site. I think ESPN makes the most money out of the fantasy football websites, so they can afford to design the best product. They are the easiest to use, and they have the best scoring system. ESPN is a market leader when it comes to fantasy football.

  • No, it is not!

    I think I hate knowing how my fantasy football team is doing. That's why I use the ESPN fantasy football aplication. According to CNN, it’s not the first time ESPN Fantasy Football players have dealt “with a massive glitch during game time. ESPN’s app has crashed during opening week in the past. And Yahoo, which operates the second most popular fantasy site, experienced a similar snafu in 2013 when the app crashed on the first day of the season.

  • ESPN is not the best fantasy football site because it is unreliable.

    ESPN is not the best fantasy football site. Fantasy football provides a service to its consumers that requires interaction during live events. If that interaction cannot be maintained, then the players cannot engage in their chosen activity. Reliability is the hallmark of maintaining a loyal consumer base. Those consumers should look elsewhere for someone who takes their needs seriously.

  • No, its not.

    There are other smaller fantasy sites that are just as good. Another major fantasy site, Draft Kings is also incredibly popular and for good reasons. Fantasy fans should do some research and deside which fantasy site is best for them. Joining and indpendant league is also a fun and popular choice for many people.

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