EU promises faster internet and free wi-fi for all: Is internet access a human right?

  • Yes, Internet Access is a Human Right.

    Human rights evolve as humans do. We are not always aware of injustices or societal failures, especially as they occur. With such limited foresight and such tragic hindsight, we must vigilantly consider better living options for humanity. The right to life is predicated on food, water, shelter, and care, while anything else is deemed a luxury. But, today's world is a technologically advanced one and we must provide all people the choice to live in it. Internet access is not a matter of life and death, but it is the major conduit of information, interest, and exploration. Denying internet access is a denial of these basic forms of insight, a type of sentence that can only be considered inhuman.

  • Internet access is not a human right

    Since when has Internet access become a human right? What's next, A human right to a house? A car? An Xbox? How about a boat? While the EU is free to promise faster Internet for anyone it wishes, it does not justify creating a self-serving and nonexistent right, Then calling it a human right.

  • Other legitimate human rights should take precedence over Wi-Fi

    Having internet access enhances the lives of millions of people, but it is not a basic human right. The EU is only serving to further oppress millions of people who lack legitmate basic human rights by focusing any attention or efforts into expanding internet service and free Wi-Fi. Other issues are more important.

  • No, internet access is not a human right

    No, internet access is not a human right. I think at this point, it would put someone at a great disadvantage to not have internet access. However, it would also put someone at a great disadvantage to not have electricity. However, we still charge money for electricity and it is not a human right. It is a privilege.

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