European Union leaders skeptical about Turkey joining: Will Turkey ever get to join the European Union?

  • Yes, Turkey will get to join the European Union eventually

    Yes, Turkey will get to join the European Union eventually. The country has just been through a coup attempt so it probably will not get to join right away. This is especially true when you consider the fact that the country is abridging some human rights. Turkey will have to wait to join the EU.

  • Doesn't look likely

    You never know, but since Turkey applied to the EU in 1987, I'm guessing probably not. Right now, especially with Brexit, the EU is probably not looking for a new member which isn't economically stable, and the recent coup and other military troubles aren't an added attraction that would change any minds.

  • No, not at this point.

    Turkey keeps violating the tenants of the agreements that European Union countries have made. There is no way that they will be able to join now, especially after the latest violations. The only way they will be able to join is if there are some major changes made in Turkey.

  • Turkey will not get to join the European Union so long as it continues on its current path.

    Since the attempted coup, President Erdogan has suspended thousands of state workers such as police officers, judges and education staff whom he suspects of plotting against him. Many have allegedly been tortured. Wit the weakening of human rights and the possible reintroduction of the death penalty for acts of treason, it is unlikely that Turkey will ever be able to join the European Union.

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