• It's legal under some circumstances, but called something else.

    If this question is meant to be "should euthanasia be legal", then I would say absoluteness yes. With regards to the question stated, chances are that unless you live somewhere like Switzerland (which is awesome), "Euthanasia" isn't legal. However, doctors are legally allowed to essentially euthanise some patients, although this process is not dubbed "Euthanasia". For patients on life support or requiring constant medical attention to survive, doctors are allowed, with the family's permission (here in Australia anyway), to refuse the person aid, withdraw all medication and deny them sustenance. The person then starves or dehydrates to death, or is killed by whatever the medication is holding back. This generally takes several days. How this is allowed, but not Euthanasia, I do not know. So, while "Euthanasia" is generally still illegal, doctors do under certain circumstances have the right to "refuse a patient aid" (which kills them slowly and painfully).

  • It should be legal

    Euthanasia is defined as the act of intentionally ending a person’s life so as to help relieve suffering or pain. If for example a doctor was to give a patient suffering from a terminal condition such as cancer an overdose of drugs that would end the patient’s life, this would be considered as euthanasia.

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  • No! No! No!

    Suicide is suicide. We ALL around the world are trying to prevent suicidal acts and yet now we are even DEBATING it. How could you? Murder is murder, when you kill someone. Yes it is under the law, but even police officers feel regret over killing someone. I would feel deep sorrow for the person killing the suicidal person. Their family would be so ashamed. It would leave all of them in depression as with their family. Despite having a "right" over your body, we are trying to stop it. And now we have a choice to stop it, you don't, Now we have a decision to choose whether we should carry on letting lives disappear by the day. How disgraceful.

  • Well no it's not.

    If you mean should it be then I would have to say yes, simply because people should have the right to decide for them selves whether or not they feel it is appropriate for them.
    I personally could never take or ask any one else to take my life, I believe in sticking with it to the end.
    Their are some other things to consider though such as if it were legal the ill so to speak could become victims if a family member pressures them into it.

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