Evan Jager captured the United States' first Olympic steeplechase medal in more than two decades. Is this a fluke?

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  • No, it is the case of an individual being strong in their given sport and not a fluke.

    Just because a country wins an Olympic medal after being out of contention for a number of decades does not mean it is a fluke. The idea of that is to lessen the abilities of the winning athletes who should be given the credit they deserve for the excellence in their sport.

  • No, Evan Jager's steeplechase win is not a fluke.

    Evan Jager is an excellent runner and has trained very hard for this year's Olympics. He ran a great race and was definitely prepared to take on his competition. Even though the United States hasn't won a medal in the steeplechase in decades, Jager's win was due to his effort not luck.

  • No, the Olympic medal for Jager is not a fluke

    Evan Jager has been a competitive runner for many years and recently switched to steeplechase. He was able to gain the silver medal at the Rio games. At age 27, he should have another Olympics ahead of him. This is not a fluke since he was clearly excelling in track events for many years.

  • No, it is not a fluke that Evan Jager captured the United States' first olympic steeplechase medal in more than two decades.

    Hooray for the USA! So glad Evan Jager was able to capture a the first Olympic medal in Steeplechase since the 1984 games. It can't be a fluke. Just because we haven't medaled in this particular event, doesn't mean we can't. It's not fluke, we finally were able to introduce an athlete that was able to compete with the reigning Kenyan champions.

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